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Here is a cool book for fans of 1980's horror films. Rue Morgue # 71 signed by NINE cast members from Return of the Living Dead!




That is beyond cool! One of my favorite horror flicks! (worship)

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Picked a nice copy of this up the other day:

includes: Slab by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers, Amber III by Jim Starlin, Death by Howard Cruse, Chimera by P. Craig Russell, Cartoon Man by Marc Hempel, Loose Hips Sink Ships by Chris Browne and Trina Robbins, and Ms. Tree by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty.


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At last CGC quit holding these hostage and sent them back to me. :)


this one took a hit from 9.2 to 7.5 Harlan put a small tear on the right of ther cover :( still glad I had him sign them both now to get Neal Adams to sign them.


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Some new mags....





Nice! :applause:


I actually saw that movie a couple of weeks ago with my 10-year old daughter . . . (notice I used the word "saw" instead of "watched" - It was painfully bad.) :P

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