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I traded some of my bigger bat books away and felt too big of a piece missing from the collection so just snagged this guy from mcs this morning. Fair enough ask and based on the action with the clink copies and relative rarity i believe this cover will go the way of tec 69. up up and away!


just got to get it out of that wretched faulty slab.




Very nice. Congrats!

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Got it scanned.



Looks like wrong back cover for the Tec 187?


It is wrong back cover and it looks like white color touch maybe?

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Sorry about that. Photobucket jumbled my scans and I picked the wrong one. Here is the 187 back cover.



Hey i just got up from a great dream and you show me the right back cover great job.

R you keeping the 300 book lol:takeit:

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