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Your Top 5 sketch covers in your collection?
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Jim Lawson....the first sketch cover he ever did in color



Jim Lawson....the first sketch cover he did EVER...and he did it right in front of me! All I asked for was a single turtle!! 20140427_131658_zpsq7frdioa.jpg


Mark Bode.....I just love his style and his turtles. This is the only Casey I have ever seen from him



Michael Dooney.....My first commission ever! 20140427_132246_zpso8azyznw.jpg


Steve Lavigne....I just asked for a toon Shredder....he threw in a Technodrome!!!




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Since joining the boards, I really don't look at my collection the same. I like to break it down into 3 categories:


A) sketches I commissioned and picked up at same con

B) sketches I've purchased off the boards or on Ebay

C) sketches from opps or con pick ups where the artist had more time


Category C has the best results and its definitely my favorite. I could easily do 5 from each A,B, and C but will stick to the 5 from all 3 categories.


A) my favorite same con sketch




B) my favorite purchased sketch




C) these are my favorite opp / advanced con pick ups


Thanks to Hank Pym and Natali Sanders



Thanks to kaholo and Alfred Trujillo




Thanks to Jeffrey Edwards






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Here are my top 5 in no particular order:


Zombie Merle (Michael Rooker) by Chadwick Haverland and signed by Rooker






Thor vs. FFF by Jaro






Selina Kyle (Catwoman) by Sabine Rich (Will be picking this up at ECCC in a few days)





Wolverine vs. Hulk by Al Milgrom





Black Cat by Natali Sanders (encased in CGC SS 9.8)



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Savage Land Rogue by Chris Stevens (thanks to dscott)



Savage Land Rogue by Randy Green



Savage Land Rogue by Natali Sanders (thanks to Hank Pym)



Daenerys (from Game of Thrones) by Siya Oum



Buckaroo Banzai by Corbyn Kern, signed by Peter Weller


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Extremely hard for me to limit it down to five and will probably change following a few conventions this year but here goes:


5) Artist: J. Scott Campbell (Pencils) Sabine Rich (Colors)

Reason: It's J.Scott Campbell and because this commission introduced me to Sabine Rich. I really need a better photo...



4) Artist: Stuart Sayger

Reason: Hard to appreciate it without seeing it in person though, also has been graded and some how became a 9.8SS???



3) Artist: Rob Liefeld

Reason: The guy created my favorite character so it gives him a few bonus points in my eyes. Already got something in the works that will replace this and maybe raise Liefeld up on my top 5, more to follow.



2) Artist: Salvador Larroca (Pencils) Scott Hanna (Inks) Sabine Rich (Colors)

Reason: Something about it is just elegant to me. Sabines Colors are amazing and Salvador an Scott really brought out the newer version of Cable with this one.



1) Artist: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Reason: This really is one of those corner stone covers for me and has yet to have seen the inside of a box. It's displayed in my Man Cave along with a few others. Something about Cable looking down on his daughter and how Artgerm really made this one come alive for me makes it a top seed...for now.



Honorable Mention:

Ed Tadeo



And one in the process right now with a few additions being done at ECCC...

Jam piece homage to Jim Lee using the characters from X-Force Messiah War. So far:

Freddie Williams II - Stryfe and layouts

Steve McNiven - Wolverine

Rob Liefeld - Deadpool



Layout view


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I still don't know why I sold/traded my FF Hero Initiative Cover, but hey...it happens. These three are easily still among the top, but I'll have to thumb through mine again and pull out my "top 5" again!


This was rather difficult (I have never really put thought into this). In no particular order...








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Sorry, mine are all hanging on the wall and I don't want to take them down. Half of these were purchased from boardies.


McFarlane. I won't post the label because it's not CGC.









Jim Lee



Frank Cho



Sal Buscema





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Love those painted covers (thumbs u


Thanks man. Got a couple in the pipeline at ECCC which might bump one or 2 off that list... Cant wait :D


If that Harley Quinn doesn't fit into your focus anymore, I bet I have some books to trade for it!!! :baiting:

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Heh, I see that I posted back at the start of this thread and at the time I didn't really have enough covers to make a meaningful top 5. Now it's really difficult to narrow things down to just 5. Here's my best effort today, in no particular order:


Gabriele Dell'otto:




Jay Anacleto:




Stanley "Artgerm" Lau:




J.G. Jones:




Chris Stevens:




Obviously, X-23 is my favorite character as you can tell and my collection focus has narrowed down to just her over time. So I used that as an excuse to filter out this Domino cover by Conny Valentina, which would otherwise be in my top 5:




Some other honorable mentions because I feel bad leaving them out and on another day they might be in my top 5:


Leinil Yu:




Gerald Parel:




Two companion pieces by Natali Sanders, was tempted to put the X-23 in my top 5 but they sort of belong together and I couldn't afford 2 spots in the top 5:


Commission-X-23jpgoriginal_zps4de7ec5d.jpg Commission11-Psylocke_zpsfb129529.jpg


Natali turned those into prints, which was pretty cool:




Finally, some team/multicover books:


Clay Mann:




Daniel Govar:




Ryan Pasibe:




Okay, I'll stop now, this is getting out of hand. There's lots more awesome covers that I love but haven't shown off here, you can find most of them in my CAF gallery if you want to see more.

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Noble thing you're doing... Post them!


Thanks, yeah I believe in helping out whenever possible, they have no idea I am doing it, its been in the planning stages for a while, I hope to add a few more to the batch but will be non-Hulk pieces. I am dealing with ECCC right now but when I am finally ready to get them posted, probably via eBay I will post images of each here and the direct links for people to bid. Maybe there will be some stuff that interests some of the collectors here.

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