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Poll: Should a 10.0 be called Pristine or Gem Mint?

Gem Mint vs Pristine Mint  

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I'll be happy as long as it's not called "CGCMINT"! grin.giflaugh.gif


Seriously, I like the "sound" of Gem Mint over Prestine Mint, because Prestine sounds a bit too prissy to me. shocked.gifcool.gifgrin.gif


Gem implies to me something that is precious. So hearing "Gem Mint" causes me to think about a creature named Golem from two of my favorite movies (LOTR I&II). I can hear Golem in my head saying "My precious, my precious, the hobbits stole my precious!!!" Golem played a big role in the 2nd LOTR movie, and it was a memorable performance indeed. grin.gif

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Ok...I actually gave this some thought instead of giving a dumb-[!@#%^&^] I am wont to do... crazy.gif

I voted for "Pristine Mint" since "Gem" seems to imply sparkly like a jewel and I can actually think of one book, off the top of my head, that would discredit this definition...(Fantasy Quarterly #1)..which would not "sparkle" since the book was not produced with a glossy finish. Seeing as I am sure that there are indeed other books that have a non-glossy finish that would grade 10.0 I would prefer "Pristine" as the actual terminology to be used.


Here is a brief definition of the two words:





1 : belonging to the earliest period or state

2 a : not spoiled, corrupted, or polluted




2 a : something prized especially for great beauty or perfection .

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It's threads like these that make me realize the board has really run out of things to talk about. Will we next be questioning whether they should put the .0 after the 10?




whew, ok I'm better now. I hope I'm not the only one that sees the humor in discussing a topic that Brian specifically uses as an example of something not worth talking about .


Well, I'll add fuel to this fire:


I'll go for 10.0 because it stands out as if to say, "As opposed to a 10.2?" It's more of a defining finite character.



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Yep, and you only like to whine about me.. start a fan club yet? Btw, Calvin Klein called he wants his obsession back (and yes I realize that's old..hell it's almost as old as the link you posted in Water Cooler)



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Murph is certainly correct about one thing. You DO have a tendency to try to "smear" someone when you get into a disagreement with them on this forum. For whatever reason, you also seem to be obsessed with the idea that murph once received money from his parents. So what? If it really bothers you that murph allegedly used some of this money to purchase a comic book -- enough so that you feel a need to mention it at least a half-dozen times and include it in your signature line -- then maybe it's time for you to go get some therapy. Or, take a nap. Calling your mom and talking about the weather might help too. I'm also thinking about a bigger nipple on your milk bottle or a bright red lollipop. Whatever works.


Getting back to the topic, I voted for "Gem Mint" -- not only because a similar designation was first reserved for "10" baseball cards -- but also because the word "pristine" seems to have the connotation of an item being absolutely flawless or perfect. I also like the 10.0 designation since it is a logical extension of the half-point scale for lower grades. In other words, if the precision is to the nearest 1/2 of a whole integer, then that precision should be maintained throughout the entire grading scale (note to Bug -- I only included this last part because I knew how much you'd enjoy it grin.gif ).

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Great point about "Gem" being closely associated with the term "Gemological" -- that's the same thing that I envision. Considering that "gems" or precious stones are inherently imperfect, however, I think the term can also be seen as indicative of something of great beauty or value. Certainly, extremely high-grade vintage collectibles fit the bill.


Pristine, on the other hand, can by synonymous with an object that is completely original or in a certain sense, perfect. To me, that is a quality (as far as collectibles are concerned) that is impossible to achieve.





Great subject!

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