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PGM Guidelines, Helpful Hints and General Etiquette
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On 6/2/2014 at 2:11 AM, timfinz said:

This thread is here thanks to all the wonderful people of the Collectors Society & the CGC forums. Everyone here is encouraged to contribute in a positive manner to this thread as much or as little as they want and we truly look forward to hearing from you.


I am still working with Jeremy (tjanse) and David (DavidTheDavid) to help continually build this now fixed in place thread. It will always be open to your thoughts and ideas and so will forever be evolving into something better. As we all grow and learn so to will this Guide with your help. Thanks again!


imgur and Photobucket Tutorials added 06.18.14 9:18 PM Mountain Time by Tim


Welcome to the PGM Forum

In the hopes of making this place more fun and generally a more enjoyable experience for both new and veteran forumites, we would like to suggest some general guidelines and best practices. It should make your experience less frustrating and easier to manage when it comes to questions and answers. Remember that grading from a scan is not 100% reliable, but it is fun and interesting.

PGM = Please Grade My


1. Please respect all others while you are partaking in the PGM Forum. Critique is valuable, but sometimes it can cross the line. PLEASE be conscientious of what you post.

2. Please post only one (1) book per thread and a maximum of three (3) books per person in a 24 hour period. It will make it more enjoyable for people to grade and will also encourage more people to grade your submission.

3. Provide a brief description of the book's condition and any hidden defects such as loose or detached cover/centerfold, spine splits or tears that are not discernible from a scan. Original Poster shouldn't mention what they feel the grade is for the book they're posting. Most people like to have a clean palate when grading. If you do wish to share your own score, wrap it in spoiler tags.

4. Please provide adequate size scans or at the very least clear photos of the book you are submitting for grading. Quality scans always get more feedback.

5. Post scans of both front and back cover as a minimum. Additional scans or photos of problem areas are helpful and encouraged. Pictures of the interior can assist as well, but please don't scan the inside of a comic as you could damage it!

6. The recommended size of the scan within the thread is a maximum dimension of 850 x 1169 pixels of 100DPI resolution. Anything larger/higher tends to skew the screen dimensions of the entire thread. However, you can link to larger scans, which will open in a new browser window or tab, making it easier on graders.

7. The recommended file type is .jpeg or .png.

8. Place a coloured backer board or paper behind your book prior to scanning. This will help to accentuate the edges of your book making it easier to grade. Be sure that the backer board is not the same or similar colour as the general colours of the front or back cover. A great suggestion is to tape a piece of coloured paper to the top of your scanner. That way it doesn't move around. Blues seem to work best.

9. If you post your book in the PGM forum for grading and eventually send it into CGC for professional grading, be kind and post the CGC results and if possible an image of the slabbed book. Many here would like to see how well their grading skills match up to those at CGC.



Have fun! This forum is meant to be enjoyable for those looking for grades and those looking to grade.

It's recommended not to post your own perceived or an advertised score/grade as it can influence the scores/grades from the people you are requesting scores/grades from. If you do wish to share your own score, wrap it in spoiler tags.

Ask questions and learn from the guys here who have a keen eye.

Be sure to clean your scanner glass often. Refer to the manufacturers recommendations for type of soft cloth etc.



Don't crop the edges of your scans too tight to the book, edges and corners tell a lot about a grade.

Worth repeating! Place a coloured backer board or paper behind your book prior to scanning. This will help to accentuate the edges of your book making it easier to grade. Be sure that the backer board is not the same or similar colour as the general colours of the front or back cover.

Link to Legal Size Scanner Thread








  • Imgur Demo - click on the spoiler tag below to expand


  Reveal hidden contents



Items 3 and 4 give you the two sizes you'll want to use. Remember, you should have scanned an image at an appropriately large size.

  Click on either Original or Large Thumbnail. The thumbnail size is not appropriate for grading but can give people a preview of the comic. The Original size is what you want to use when requesting a grade.

  To insert the image directly into a post, simply copy the code from item 2 and paste it into your PGM post.

Some people like to provide a thumbnail and then link to the image, which will open in another browser tab. To do this, copy the code from item 1, click on the link icon in your post window, and follow the wizard to generate the link.




  • Photobucket Demo - click on the spoiler tag below to expand


  Reveal hidden contents





Click on Item 1 for a link to your picture. When you follow the link, you will see a magnifying glass icon on the bottom right of the image. Users will have to click on that icon to zoom into the image at full size.

Click on Item 2 to embed the image directly into your post. You will have make a simple edit to the code that is copy-pasted when you do this.

You will see this:



Remove everything except what is included in the IMG tags. Be sure to leave the IMG tags, too. You want only this part:











  Reveal hidden contents

FC = Front Cover

LFC = Left (Side) Front Cover

RFC = Right (Side) Front Cover

LLFC = Lower Left (Corner) Front Cover

BLFC = Bottom Left (Corner) Front Cover

LRFC = Lower Right (Corner) Front Cover

BRFC = Bottom Right (Corner) Front Cover

TLFC = Top Left (Corner) Front Cover

ULFC = Upper Left (Corner) Front Cover

TRFC = Top Right (Corner) Front Cover

URFC = Upper Right (Corner) Front Cover

BC = Back Cover

LBC = Left (Side) Back Cover

RBC = Right (Side) Back Cover

LLBC = Lower Left (Corner) Back Cover

BLBC = Bottom Left (Corner) Back Cover

LRBC = Lower Right (Corner) Back Cover

BRBC = Bottom Right (Corner) Back Cover

TLBC = Top Left (Corner) Back Cover

ULBC = Upper Left (Corner) Back Cover

TRBC = Top Right (Corner) Back Cover

URBC = Upper Right (Corner) Back Cover



An In-Depth Comparison of Green Label and Blue Label Grading

Q&A Comic Production Flaws

I love joey post

Comic Book Grading and Restoration Issues General

The NOOB GUIDE by Harvey Swick

PGM Forumites have rights too!http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-signs028.gifthe cause and give us suggestions to help improve this great forum!


Tim, Jeremy, David, et al

Many thanks to Hado, MR-SigS who encouraged us to reach farther! And to all the other forumites for your kind words, encouragement, thoughts and ideas. We promise to not let you down!

Yeh I tried something different and all I coped was spam and refer to these guidelines. So I did as I was instructed and now no one has anything to say? Strange that!


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