Where in the world was the Quality Control at CGC???
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someone found a way to crack a case without damaging the nods slip it out and replace an 8.0 book that was in there with a VG+???...


Seems like an awful lot of work for 2k...



All signs point that this "IS" legit! A huge bumble by CGC...


But still, No QUALITY CONTROL????




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I have a 7.0 copy of ASM 5 that looks under graded and presents like an 8.0...


I bet next to this copy it would present like a friggin' 9.6!!!!

No returns on CGC books! :sumo:

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Best I could see on it is 6.0. I had it around 5.0/5.5 personally...


If it is an error, it makes sense that it was going to be a 5.0 and someone hit the 8 by accident as the 8 rests right above the 5 on the 10-key.


I would say human error. But agree that QC should have caught it.



I agree... this is the best reasoning. I have done this mistake before, hit the 8 key instead of the 5.

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