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Show Us Your 10 Cent-ers!
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At Adamstrange's request, let's have a thread posting our favorite SA books with 10 cent covers! What's that you say, that would eliminate every Marvel superhero book except for FF 1 & 2? Gee, what a horrible coincidence! devil.gif


I'll start off with a few favorites, which I've posted before because my scanner is down and I haven't been able to make any new scans in a while:


Flash 111 (CGC 9.4, OW-W)




Showcase 34 (CGC 9.4, OW)




Green Lanter 1 (CGC 9.4, OW-W)




And last but not least, a Redhook masterpiece I like to call Legion Psychedelico



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Here are a couple of 10-centers from Liz's scuba collection. (Perhaps we should call this thread attack of the killer mutant CCA stamps? Those stamps were BIG when they first started using them!)


Showcase #3 FFB 3.0 CR-OW pages:




Showcase #27 (First App. Sea Devils) FFB 2.5 CR-OW pages:



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Since no one else seems to care about your lame DC thread, I will help you out, buddy. Here is one of my DC 10-centers. It's a recent purchase from the LCS, where I paid the princely sum of $35 for it.


Adventure Comics #289 (Legion Cameo) FFB 8.5 OW pages.


Very cool book and great price. yay.gif


I'll see what 10 cent issues I have when I get home. I could bore you with about 20 HG Atlas books, but I think I have a few DC's (since that seems to be the real topic of this thread).

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your post inspired me to break out my 15 issue run of Adventure beginning with #279 in December 1960 to # 293 in february 1962.


here are 6 of those 10centers from that run. the run is mostly VG - Fine and includes the 5th, 9th and 13th Legion appearances. #283 contains the last Congorilla story and #284 contains the last Aquaman in Adventure. (they advertise his concurrent appearance in Showcase).


i have boxes of these mid-grade early 60's DCs.......... cloud9.gif







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Can you imagine being a real person and have a comic book use your character! Must have been a real thrill.




One of my favorites, though not a 10 cent-er, is Action #309, which features President Kennedy helping Superman protect his secret identity. The issue was on the stands in late December 1963, just one month after JFK was assassinated.

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While we're talking about 10-centers, you really owe it to the thread to post the scan of your Showcase #4 again. cloud9.gif


P.S. Those Bizarro covers rule! I love the Bizarro-Mxyzptlk cover! 27_laughing.gif Bizarro stories are just about the only things from the early silver age that are still as amusing in the present day as they were back then. 893applaud-thumb.gif

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