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2017 CGC Registry Awards - the countdown begins!
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Greetings fellow board members!

With this thread I am hoping to kickstart the excitement for the 2017 CGC Registry Awards!

If based on the previous years I am guessing that the 2017 awards deadline will be on Friday, June 2nd at 5:00PM EST.

If so, that means there are only 151 days till the deadline! :o

I know what you may be thinking..."Now Ryan, isn't it a bit early to start the countdown?"

If so, in the words of the mighty Thor, I say to thee nay! I for one am super excited for the next deadline and can't wait to see how things shake out once again!

I also want to say that I was incredibly honored to be a Best Set Modern Age awards recipient for 2016 with my registry set:


I want to now give a tremendous THANK YOU to all the folks at CGC for bestowing this honor upon me. I love collecting comics, I love TWD, I love CGC (both the registry and this forum), and as we prepare to say goodbye to 2016 I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the next countdown than to give thanks and show appreciation for such an amazing opportunity as this place and CGC provides for us all.

So THANK YOU once again to the CGC cast & crew. Your hard work and dedication to all of us collectors is greatly appreciated!


Sensei Ryan

PS - Happy New Year's Eve & Happy New Year! :cool:

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wow those have gotten nicer.... was just a certificate! :preach:




I thought best of set always got the certificates while best in age got plaques?

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wow those have gotten nicer.... was just a certificate! :preach:




I thought best of set always got the certificates while best in age got plaques?


You're right. If you have the #1 set in any given category, you get a certificate - the plaques are for the CGC-chosen awards (the message board awards, best in age, best presented, etc).

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Missed one registry book a few months ago so went hard when the next was available in the latest CLINK. 

When I added it to the registry it was in someone elses registry, and after the transfer, surprise surprise it has been owned by the person in 2nd place in the registry. 

So I got to double my distance from second place AND add another pedigree Space Adventures book to my registry (now to get him to sell off a few more!)

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UPDATED JUNE 9th 2017:


Wolverine 1988...  Filled in just in a nick of time!!

link to WeaponXtreme! <---  :acclaim:

I have been going into overdrive tweaking a bunch of my sets with colorful intros and very detailed individual issue descriptions.

Let me know what you think and feel free to offer up any suggestions....always a work in progress!

Not all have intros but most do that have multiple comic and a couple do that only have 1 or 2 in them.  I did Alias, Capt Britain, Incredible Hulk, all the X-23, The Wolverine sets, Shadowman, Harbinger, Rai, New Mutants, Marvel Preview, X-Men, Psylocke, The NYXs and I think that is all of em.

Link to my registry sets

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2 hours ago, Sludgesicle Man said:

Do people on the boards get excited about the registry awards anymore?  Seems pretty dead in here.  

I'm excited. :whee:

Until I lose every year.

How 'bout some love CGC?

Spawn regular series

Spawn complete

Even if I do lose, I really enjoy looking at the remarkable sets put forth each year by the competition. But it does seem as if fewer people care. Some people have complained about the methodology used in judging sets. I dunno. I just don't get it. Maybe CGC should hype it up a bit more? Either way, I'm pumped. A number of collectors have really stepped up their game in regards to presentation. Anxious to browse through the winning sets. :popcorn:

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