What are your collecting goals for 2020?
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I go to the local con here every year and just browse. There are only one or two stalls that are worthwhile.

Last year I actually picked up quite a few books, I usually only pick up one or two.

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Fiction House Big 6

Realistically, will be well short of all the runs, but have nice  "mini" runs of Planets, Wings, Rangers. Jungle is still way off.

Log and inventory all my Bakers.

Sell off my own original Silver, Copper, Modern books. All raw and all spectacular...lol

Continue collecting some OA pieces.

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My wishlist of the twenties!


2000 AD 2 - Hopefully with the stickers

Albedo 2 - any grade will do!

Flash 105, 139 - My 2 main silver age books wanted!

Genus 2, 4 - Early Terry Moore SIP

Primal Rage 3, 4 - I just gotten the first 2 this year

Razor 51 Nude Variant - Never seen this anywhere!

Visions Magazine 1 - First Flaming Carrot!

Uncle Scrooge 309, 310 - gorgeous painted covers by Carl Barks

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I'm making a list of about a dozen keys I'd like to chase. One for each month.

I'm six issues short of completing my Thor run (#126 - 256), so I'll probably prioritize chipping away at that over working on my other big runs that are missing far more books (Hulk, X-Men, etc), but I'm sure I'll still add to those here and there.

Then, I think I'd like to add significantly to my growing horror mag collection.

That's the big stuff. 

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