Do members here produce their *own* art?

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On 7/15/2020 at 1:10 PM, NC101 said:

I'm a photographer and working on what will hopefully be my first book, these are a few of the pictures




DSCF4854 copy-1.jpg

These are great. What will your book be called?

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Some work-in-progress shots of my full-size 'Soldier' bust.  From clay sculpture . . . to plaster mold . . . to latex casting (foam-filled with rigid-drying polyurethane) . . . to surface prepping, etc.

I produced a total of three Soldier busts.  Two sold to American collector friends and the third I kept for myself.  Starting a new project soon . . .







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25 minutes ago, vodou said:

? being familiar with the actual source material, all I keep seeing is...Hunter II.

Eerie #68 NM- (9.2) Warren Magazine (1975) Ken Kelly Cover ...

1964 Outer Limits episode penned by the late great Harlan Ellison.

If you're familiar with James Cameron's 1980s Terminator movie he plagiarized Ellison OL teleplays, including 'Demon With a Glass Hand'.

The helmet prop was later modified and re-used for Mork and Mindy:



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Lots of talent in this thread. Good stuff!

Regarding Soldier, the Blu-ray release of The Outer Limits S2 originally had an unfortunate audio problem on that very episode. Thankfully, Kino Lorber offered replacement discs through the mail. Sharing just because it's tangentially related.

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Days four and  five of my OUTER LIMITS full-size soldier alien sculpt from the episode, 'Keeper of the Purple Twilight'.  Mostly there with the ears to do.  I made a pair of plastic card ear shapes which I've inserted into the left and right sides of the head, ready to build upon.  All being well, I should be all finished off sometime during the course of the weekend - ready to create a plaster mold from which I will make multiple latex copies . . .

Day 4.jpg

Day 5.jpg

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When I was booth-sitting with my wife at an art fair, one seller had hand-made paper.  So, I googled the process.  I have a lot of paper stuff!

With a hand-made screen, some scraps of paper and fabric, and a blender, voila!  David

As always, let the pics load and zoom in for details of the white dress shirt scraps, Hawaiian shirt scraps, old advertising label fragments, your 

imagination is the only limit.


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Day six of my sculpt of an alien soldier from the OUTER LIMITS episode, 'Keeper of the Purple Twilight' and to all intents and purposes, I'm done.  Having a day out in Liverpool (UK) Thursday drinking beer and will come back to the bust on Friday with a fresh-ish eye to make any last minute touch-ups.  All being well, I'll move on to making a plaster mold over the weekend - from which I will make latex copies . . .



Day 6a.jpg

Day 6b.jpg

Day 6c.jpg

Day 6d.jpg

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Spent the past four days creating a plaster mold for my full-size sculpture-in-clay of a soldier alien from the OUTER LIMITS episode, 'Keeper of the Purple Twilight'.

My first latex copy has cured and been removed from the mold.  Pretty happy with the end-result.  Once the flash from the join-areas has been removed, I'll fill the head with rigid-drying polyurethane foam and then paint him.  Will post pictures of the finished bust in due course.  In-between all that, I'll carry on casting further latex copies ready to sell to those  collectors who have requested I make them a copy.




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