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Gift of Artist Edition books to Minneapolis College of Art and Design's school library... for the Comic Art Students!

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On 11/11/2021 at 8:05 AM, thethedew said:

Posted in my Facebook feed earlier this evening.  Forgive the language, as it's directed at people outside the hobby:

So, THIS happened today.

This event occurred due to a conflux of two conversations, one old and one recent. The recent conversation was with IDW's Scott Dunbier, wherein we briefly discussed our thoughts on personal legacies, in particular toward the 'Comic Art Collecting' hobby and the overall Comic Book industry.

The older conversation was with my late father Pete Allen, wherein he dispensed his best advice on personal cashflow: 'Whenever feasible, BUY locally. Whenever possible, GIVE locally.'

Both inspired the below gift to MCAD's school library: TWENTY different comic book 'Artist's Edition' books, oversized volumes which reproduce the original art in its original size and condition, warts and all.

For the most part, these mildly expensive books are currently directed at the collecting HOBBY. It was my bright idea to instead donate a diverse selection where they might have a more lasting benefit: to those students who are studying comic art.

While these youngsters are all at the beginning of their careers, and as such are learning the most cutting-edge ways to produce their art, hopefully these books can still teach a lesson or two on how the Old Masters of comic art plied their shared trade.

I floated the idea past recent IDW Head Cheese Chris Ryall, who indicated that he hadn't heard of this sort of specific gift to a 'comic art school' before. So maybe this is a first. Hopefully the first of many, go forth and do likewise!

Fully half of the books pictured were produced by IDW and the ever-diligent Scott Dunbier, but the gift needed to be rounded out with books from other publishers. I hope Scott doesn't mind too much. One of my last copies from my stash of MICRONAUTS books went along, of course. Of COURSE.

Most of these books were instant sellouts when they came out, and currently a little hard to find. The plan is to add a few more books each year as the opportunity presents itself.

Lastly, I hope that this is the sort of giving which would make my late parents, my family, my friends, and the sorely missed godfather of Minnesota comicdom Dominic Postiglione proud. I hope it's the sort of thing he would have done. Love to you all!



255080700_312585564033392_4036489644779766786_n.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I think that having such a collection is great, and students will also be happy to be able to go to the library and read something like that. I love reading comic books, and it's cool that my uni's library has some. This week was the book club's last meeting, and we discussed comics there. I also prepared an article about them. I can write about comics forever, but in our meetings, we usually discuss other topics that are not so understandable to me. For example, some time ago, we talked about imperialism, which is not a new theme for me, but I don't know a lot about it. And when I was working on the informative article, it took me a while to finish it. On this source https://studydriver.com/american-imperialism-essay/, I found and read a few American Imperialism essay examples, which helped me a lot with my paper, but still, I needed to find even more information to provide some other details. But it's great that sources like this exist, where students can get some additional information and examples, but somethimes, those resources provided in libraries are not enough.

Wow, that's everything I can say! The gift is truly amazing, and I'm sure students will be happy to find something like that in a library!

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On 6/27/2022 at 10:59 AM, thethedew said:

Looking to match the gift with at least 20 MORE Artist-Edition type volumes by year's end.

Dark Knight...
Prince Valiant...
Bloom County...
Enemy Ace...
Nick Fury...

Percolating on a few more.  Since I have more time to assemble the gift this year, I've been able to be more patient waiting for good deals, slightly used copies and such, and may be able to include more books on the same budget.  I will add to this thread when the gift is transferred at yearend. Interesting books. It's great that students have the opportunity to study real comics. Perhaps, thanks to them, in the future we will see a professional cashier among them. Moreover, it is important that it is among adolescents that good literature with heroes to follow is distributed. Recently I wrote an essay about violence among teenagers, about its manifestation in school, in everyday life. According to check here if during adolescence students are passionate about books that promote an honest lifestyle, then in the future they will not tolerate domestic violence. And of course, it's great if, thanks to modern comics, we will see new professionals who will create new issues in the future. 

It's great that college students have the opportunity to study actual comics. Perhaps among them we will see a cashier professional in the future thanks to them.

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That's amazing! When colleges allow students to have such great things, I'm starting to believe in classical education. I prefer to focus on self-education than spend my time on unnecessary coursework and lections (I always buy it from special sources such as https://ca.edubirdie.com/essay-writing-service-toronto that's so helpful for me). But I think I would come to college more often if I was in this one.

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