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  1. Images are all thumbnailed. Click on the image to load the full size one. All books are in great condition unless denoted otherwise. Hitman TPB Vol 1 - $5.00
  2. Cleaning up some of my overflow books. I haven't sold anything on these forums for a long time. I really haven't been terribly active on these boards either. I am listing a small stack of TPBs that have been sitting on the corner of my bookcase forever. This is going to be a quick sales thread. Two days and hoping to ship everything by next weekend. Sorry no international buyers as this is a quick sales thread and I am lazy. No probies allowed either. Shipping: Your preference but if you are on the east coast, I have regional boxes that are very cost effective. I know Media Mail is the cheapest but the service is terrible and not insurable. I will provide tracking but MM is at your own risk.
  3. Just finished Creativity Inc. on Audiobook. Good book. The last disc paid a really nice tribute to Steve Jobs.
  4. As a comic goer I appreciate the wrap around sweatshirt hiding the butt crack. P.S. I used to love on the floor box diving but I was always aware of my clothing in ratio to skin showing.
  5. By me, my old shop closed about 3-4 years ago. Although I admit I wasn't actively collecting for many years so I stopped going for a long time. In the that time frame, two other shops have opened in the Westchester County area. Aw Yeah comics which actually is a nice shop and they do have cheaper back issue bins. They do have days they will buy collections which I have sold them some trades and it wasn't a terrible deal either. However, twice the part-owner stated he would order a very cheap TPB for me and twice he sold it to another customer without calling me. So I made the 20+ min trek to find out there was no book. The book is kid related and that is supposedly a kid friendly shop so why wasn't additional copies ordered? We are talking about a 13 buck trade. Just rubbed me wrong but I never inquired about them ordering the book, he offered and then could not follow through properly with the transaction. Bad customer service and poor business practice. Another comic opened in the same City as me. In fact he was a customer of the comic shop that closed. The shop is called Spider's Web. This store is so pretty and neat. I do love it yet, it feels sterile when I am shopping in it. I am actually afraid to touch anything. Because the floor plan is so open, I hate being the only customer in the shop. I feel awkward in the shop are rarely go there. Now they have a great TPB selection. But again, I ordered Tower of Comic books from them without any problems. Since that went well, when they offered to order Monstress for me, I said ok since it wasn't in stock. That didn't go well. They must of sold it as I went back two other times and I was told Diamond didn't ship it yet and the second time, they just acted like they had no clue. These are personal hobby shops. They should be able to provide some sort of personalized service. But I understand it may not be most professional. Anyway, neither shop has that complete comic book store feeling to me. I like Aw Yeah comics better but am too stubborn to go back there. Finally getting back to the OP question, another store that I frequented was Magnum Comics. They closed their shop in Jan last year. They just do ebay now and still maintain a pull list. It is sad but I haven't made it into the shop is so long so I had no idea. Then I got a text from my friend that worked behind the counter. They were an old school comic shop. You could not help but want to plow through some boxes while you were hanging out.
  6. That is strange. The podcast I listen to interviewed a comic / coffee shop. The biggest question is how doesn't the inventory get ruined. Put greasy fingerprints int he mix and yikes.
  7. Oops, I typed the incorrect date. 1978. Yes, that is why I mentioned my empty ebay and Heritage results. I feel like those two places would root out any funny business. I haven't see the signature in person and I am hardly an expert.
  8. All the pieces in the auction are estimated that way between $50-$1000. It isn't just this piece. From what I understand, a lot of these auctions go for rather cheap. So it is a nice way to get some inexpensive art for your walls .
  9. Hi everyone. I know I rarely post these days but this auction came under my radar today for a Batman Lithograph signed by Bob Kane. I did a search under ebay and Heritage without much luck on finding out anything on the piece. It is not mine nor am I making commission. I am just posting the information because perhaps someone is looking for it or would be happy to win it. The auction is this Monday around noon. I put a link down below. This piece is towards the end of the auction. You will need to get preapproved but they also do phone bids. Hopefully this is OK to post in General. I can have the mods move it down to the Sellers forum but again, I am not the seller nor have any monetary interest in this piece. I am just a Batman fan but this is truly outside my scope of collecting. https://clarkeny.com/auctions/?a=234&search=lot 239
  10. I find this true with most media today. When I was growing up there wasn't a YA reader notion. Stories were geared towards family entertainment. I am talking about books and movies alike. I like some of the modern comics out there, but they are tough to filter out the garbage. Too expensive now to waste money on splash pages only where the hero just grunts alot.
  11. You just know they messed up some comics putting them back in stacks. I once tried to "scatter" the comics to take a picture and it took so much more work than to just lay them out out where you can make out the issue numbers. CL = Silly stuff.
  12. I just found out about these 100 pagers a few weeks back. Unfortunately my Walmart closed early August so oh well. Brian Michael Bendis will be writing a 12 part Batman story in them. I am hoping that DC collects it in a trade later on. I never read Bendis work as I don't read Marvel. So I am interested in sampling it. I know he is writing Superman but I am more of a Bat fan.
  13. @blazingbob Thanks for all the information. I never get packages delivered to work because of this reason. My post office has changed carriers again and that is when I experience a lot of mail issues. I am getting to the point of just getting a PO box. I am just too cheap to do it. @gaard In my case, I believe the carriers pre-scan the package when it becomes too late for them to deliver it. Then I will receive it the next day. It has been working like this in my area for over a year now. When my package is scanned delivered and it is after 6:30 PM, I assume it is a prescan. At least that is how it was working. Now the carriers are working past 6:30 PM in my complex. It is crazy how long they are working these days.
  14. Last Friday, I had a package marked delivered, yet I was home and checked my mailbox minutes after the mail person had delivered the mail. This isn't uncommon for my carrier to scan the package and deliver it the next day. When this does happen, I just would pick up the package on Saturday morning. That is what I did, however this time the mail person was adamant that the package was left in my mail box. I stated that was impossible as my box was locked and I literally picked up the mail right after you left my building. After some request, the Supervisor did a GPS search and informed me that the package was scanned in my area but not at my exact location. Of course that is when he asked if I had insurance on the package. He knew it was misdelivered. The point of the post isn't really about my missing package, which after posting some flyers in other buildings it was returned to me. I just wanted others to know that they may be able to get more detailed information about where their package was physically scanned and perhaps recover it easier. Or maybe be able to collect on insurance. So, when did USPS get GPS location tracking? Now can we use that to file insurance claims DESPITE the tracking information stating delivered? I am curious because I have had many problems with missing packages and only one of them was a stolen package. The others, I truly believe were misdelivered packages as I live in a large garden apartment complex. Hopefully, this information will help other members here.
  15. @40% off please add Action comics 285
  16. @40% off Superman 220 VG $5.00 WF 142 VG $8.00
  17. Sorry about your dog. Hope for a quick and full recovery
  18. Here's my beaters. I am sure I have others but these are already scanned in.