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  1. I used to use eCrater a long time ago. I set up a store front fairly easily myself. They have the payment module already set up at no additional cost (at the time. Not sure if there is a charge now) In fact I ordered books from an eCrater store once too. I guess if you just want to test out having your own site, then I would suggest finding a cheap or free option and see how it plays out for a month or two. You need to figure out how to drive traffic and register the site with the different search engines. If you go the route of hosting your own and getting it programmed from scratch, I strongly suggest, having an admin module that is easy to use. Something that will allow full edit control over the content and uploading pictures, etc.
  2. Yes that is true. Mine was a bit different as it was basically two runs and two partial runs. I know what they are worth and I told him I would rather sell them locally then on ebay. So, that eliminated the, "I am just pricing them out via his estimate". I don't like selling anything on ebay over $100. Why? Because I have been shaken down by a buyer for partial refund once because honestly they wanted the item cheaper. I should have blocked them after the second email. I gave them the refund which was at the price point they wanted to originally spend. But the notion that I can sell it and paypal or ebay has the right to rip the money out of my account, isn't a risk I am willing to take for higher price pointed items. Those, I tried in the past to sell locally. Sometimes, it isn't worth the hassle to squeeze out every dollar, if it is going to be a fight at the end. I haven't sold anything from my collection in a few years aside from a trade with MCS. I figured going through a comic dealer would work out. This particular dealer is known to purchase all types of collections. I wasn't selling my full collection just little to lighten the load. Again, the runs are in demand, Harley Quinn and Gotham City Sirens. The dealer just wanted to cherry pick those without purchasing the other two which was only about 50 more comics. So for me, that isn't right. My collection isn't full of high priced items. I don't like to purchase them as they aren't as liquid for me. Plus, when I was collecting, I enjoyed reading and selling to get newer runs. That was mainly why I stayed interested in the hobby.
  3. Here's my experience trading with MCS. They are the only dealer that I know of that will buy a large range of comics. They take books that I could not sell on a forum or ebay for that matter. I have sold individual comics to them as well as a full runs. Almost every time, the total amount I receive is just slightly more that the submitted amount. I don't get caught up in what they downgraded or upgraded, I just focus on I want x amount for this lot. I love selling books to MCS and when I did, more often than not, I took the credit to order more. Everything was processed fairly quickly. What sucks now is the shipping expense doesn't make sense unless I have an expensive book to put into the lot. My current experience with a popular semi-local dealer that is known to purchase large collections was a complete waste of time. I was willing to sell him two highly sought after runs along with two other runs. He would not give me an idea of what price point he would be willing to pay even though I gave him a grade range via email. Nor was he willing to take the other two runs which really wasn't a lot of books either. I like that dealer and have purchased from him in the past when I was actively collecting but I probably would never purchase from him again.
  4. I was waiting for someone to post this comic.
  5. Honestly, I have always felt imgur to be really glitchy. I used it to upload screenshots of game play for a blog and when the pictures amassed, I decided to break it down to folders. Pictures were lost and while some folders remained intact with content, other folders became empty. The pictures were either deleted by the system and moved back to the large main area where it was difficult to find in the first place. In my opinion, the system had a terrible tagging issue and pictures while may not be deleted were retagged and impossible to find. My advice is to set up a folder system before you start uploading pictures. Don't get me started on the hard time I had navigating the interface either. Uploading seemed to be different all the time. Most of the time, I had to upload all the pics to the main area and then move them into the folder. Not a friendly platform for me at all. Someone here recommended postimage.org and I haven't looked back since. But I haven't sold on forums lately. So I am not sure if it will help with bulk listing.
  6. Thanks for the additional information.
  7. Not to hijack this thread, I read this yesterday on Instagram, Johns to write Green Lantern Corp movie. Then a few searches this morning, found this: https://www.cbr.com/geoff-johns-green-lantern-corps-film-shazam-comic/ And his new production company, Mad Ghost Productions: http://www.madghostproductions.com/
  8. I very much feel like my collected editions are part of my comic collection. OOP books become a hunt to try and find them at regular retail price. The truth is that some TPBs have a smaller print run then their single comic version. In all honesty, I call them graphic novels most of the time. Mainly that is because I don't want to explain the difference to a non-comic reader. Here's my bookshelves after I reorganized all the books last year. I have some in my closet too because I don't want to double line them up like but had to for my Batman on the bottom shelf. PS Yes they are all bagged.
  9. Interesting. I started an instagram account in October or so last year. I mainly use it for hand lettering and to participate in the daily challenges. I never though to look for comics on it. Anyway a quick search and there is a #comicsellers. That hashtag leads to a ton of marvel books and very little DC. As for purchasing, I have bought comics from the most random places without my hassle. In general, I would not be nervous about purchasing off of Instagram. Now Facebook is another story.
  10. I am figuring that it would be. I guess, I am just going to have to empty a comic box and test the weights out. I am trying to figure out how to pack them. If I go with short boxes then I will just get the comic draws and swap out my comics. But maybe banker boxes is best. I have time to figure it out.
  11. Thanks for the info. I have two bookcases full plus some in my closet. That will be a lot of boxes. Yikes. I should have figured out the measurements. I guess I am mainly concerned with the weight per box. I live near NYC and during my heavy collecting days, I would pick up long boxes full of trades. Those were heavy then. I have since have injured my arm. So I know shorts are the only way to go right now.
  12. I am going to pack up my TPBs in the next 6 months or so. While doing this, I am thinking about getting the comic draw boxes and swapping some of them with the short boxes that currently house my comics. But I am curious how many trades could I fit and still be able to carry the boxes for moving? A short box weight wise is ok for me to carry but any bigger like a long is too heavy. I have about 250 books are the slim TPBs. The larger hard covers, I can just put in regular boxes. I think about 50 books will fit into a box that is manageable for me. Does that sound correct? Thanks.
  13. Rocket Men by Robert Kurson on Audio. Half way through and love it so far.
  14. I used to order from AA a lot when it was mainly collectors getting rid of their collections. So I could find consecutive issue numbers of a run. Then the shipping cost when up and I rarely used them except for the occasional harder to find TPB. My last transaction was were it went bad and I will never use them again. I ordered two TPB and they were shipped Media Mail around xmas time. The package was never delivered and I didn't see a refund either.
  15. I was a cheap bulk comic buyer. I purchased small runs, etc from online comic shops to forum sales. Honestly, if they were cheap comics, I just expected them to be bulk packed inside of a plastic comic bag. You can fit a bunch of comics in there and that prevents shipping damage when you sandwich board them between cardboard. Most of the time, I re-board the keeper comics anyway. The readers are loaded off on craigslist as is when I am done reading them. When I order from MCS, I used to select the bag and board option but found that they were charging me for them even when they were new. So I stopped that practice and figured I am just going to reboard them once they arrive. So basically, my worries how the comics get shipped now. Bag and boarding doesn't upset me that much anymore. But then again, my orders are never in the $400 range either. Now that shipping charge for $53 is outrageous. I hope everything was double boxed and arrived safely.
  16. I am not sure why this movie didn't do well in theaters. I thought it was very entertaining and so much better than BvS. I do admit that I didn't care for the ending either but not enough to hate the movie.
  17. Never read anything else by him but Batman. Aside from content, I find the writing just poor and transparent. Nothing of sustenance which makes me question the read level of today's comic buyer. Sorry, I don't want to put anyone down but repeated mantra phrases that transition to long drawn out inner monologues is all this writer has in him. He has brushed off some old Batman rogue which was fun but he lacks to the skill to create any unique characterizations for them. They lay as flat on the page as the drawings themselves. I can tick off points that he has done on the Batman series, that has truly questions my comic collecting future. Even my DC loyalty at point is very shaky.
  18. I have seen My Favorite Thing Is Monsters in B&N. In fact, I thumbed through it several times. I have it on my want list. It looks great. The drawings are on what looks like loose leaf paper. Just good stuff. I have read King's Batman and it is truly atrocious. I probably will never purchase a new Batman book again after reading that piece of garbage.