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  1. I got absolutely crushed by that book, but I like your standard for commenting and wouldn't change the way you do it.
  2. Resist the urge! Stains are a death sentence: https://boards.cgccomics.com/topic/520963-pgm-iron-man-55-worth-an-appeal/
  3. I was sure that was a stain on the back of the power girl book and treated it accordingly. 2 points otherwise, but 5 (yes, five) on that one kill me
  4. Same. There were a couple where I could miss by 3 grades and not feel like either grade is unreasonable.
  5. This is really cool to see, thanks. Looks like I just missed the cut with only 16 rounds completed, but maybe if I can keep my head above water (dubious, given how I feel about this first round) this contest I can make the list next time.
  6. I would like to retract my earlier complaints about too many golden age books. These books were not easy.
  7. Really pretty copy. Lays flat as a pancake, good colors. A couple of small spine tics, and little roughness to the LLFC, but otherwise beautiful to my eye. Thoughts are appreciated.
  8. 5.5ish - feels like there's some stuff (water damage, sub crease) that should hold it below a 6, but I wouldn't be shocked if it came back there
  9. Nice copy I picked up today. A little bit of corner crunch, but otherwise pretty darn clean. Appreciate your thoughts.
  10. I like it to do better than a 7.0, but I think that color breaking crease on the front cover disqualifies from getting to an 8.5.