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  1. Very happy for you on this one, but given the beatings I've taken on books for smaller less visible stains in the past, seeing this makes me a little frustrated perturbed cross disappointed angry confused enraged to the point of foaming at the mouth.
  2. Appreciate the thoughts all. I'd have bet the ranch on this coming back higher than a 6.0, but I've learned to trust the consensus on here.
  3. Count me in please EDIT: Just read the request to add to the list. 1. WolverineX 2. thehumantorch 3. Wipple 4. frozentundraguy 5. grendelbo 6. Albert_Thurgood 7. Get Marwood & I 8. AJD 9. scburdet 10. Cocomonkey 11. Lninefingers
  4. Seems like a good pressing candidate to me. Side question: Should a presser be attempting to “square up” the book and correct the twist(for lack of a better description) or just press it flat the way it is? Appreciate you thoughts.
  5. Grader Notes chip out left top of back cover tear right top of back cover creasing to cover spine stress lines to cover
  6. A little disappointing on the grade, but still appreciate everyone who chimed in.
  7. TheGeneral has been on the podium 4 out of the last 6 contests. Wowzers.
  8. 4 point round for me. Missed by 2 on Junie. I thought it presented better than a 6 and that the graders would round up because of the age. Oh well.
  9. Looks really good to me. 9.4 with upside.