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  1. I like this for 7.5, but can't get to VF with the tape pull
  2. Looks like 8+ is in play with a good clean and press. Would love to see better pictures though
  3. Whoever is grading their FF books is cranky. I keep hearing that the CGC is giving great grades out like candy, but here's a recent submission of mine that I though was overly harsh too.
  4. Congrats! super jealous on your JIM 83’s - still haven’t found mine
  5. Nice looking book despite Larry Oliver’s contribution. No creasing I can see, but a little wave to the top edge of the front cover. (I have some optimism that will press well.) thanks for looking
  6. Good colors, lays nice and flat, interior is good. Thanks for looking!
  7. I think this one gets into the 9.4 range. All kind of depends how well the presser is able to deal with that LL corner crunch.
  8. I don't think it's a 9.0, but I don't think it's a ridiculous overgrade either. 8.0 & 8.5 both seem reasonable to me, although I'd probably lean 8.0
  9. I'm slightly higher than the consensus 7.5/8.0
  10. It's tough because stains feel like a random number generator recently. I can imagine a scenario where they bust the book down to 8.0/8.5, and another where they largely ignore it and it comes back 9.2/9.4. So, yeah, I'm pretty useless on this one.
  11. If it gets treated similarly to this one, you're in the clear:
  12. So it has a tape pull and tape. Oof. It presents well for a 3.5, so there's always a chance you get a friendly grader but between the tape, fading, and creases I'm not seeing much that says "A clean and press will fix this"
  13. 5ish, good luck with the submission
  14. One of my favorites too. I'm a big marvel cosmic guy, so I have a few copies of this book. None quite as nice as this, it goes without saying. I'm super jealous.
  15. Feels like a 7.5 to me, but after the last grading contest, I'm going to say this squeaks out an 8.0