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  1. Is there color rub on the back cover? I'll guess 8.5 without a ton of conviction
  2. 9.2+, with the caveat that it's kind of hard to assess through a couple layers of plastic.
  3. Hard to assess without more/better pictures.
  4. 9.2ish I'd definitely get it pressed if you plan to grade.
  5. I'd say 6ish. It generally presents a little bit better than that but there's a host of minor defects that I think hold it down. Than said, I think a wide range of outcomes are possible here - you could get a friendly grader who decides they're no big deal and bumps it up, or hammers it pretty hard. Which is perhaps a long winded way of saying I really don't know what this comes back at.
  6. I think this could pull a 6.0 given the results we've seen recently
  7. Happy for you, but feels like an overgrade IMO. It just seems like there are a lot of 5.0's out there that are in significantly better shape.
  8. Can still see the stain on the back post slabbing if you 're looking for it, but at a glance it looks pretty good. Congrats
  9. 5.0 feels like an absolute maximum for this book to me, probably a little lower. It presents pretty well, but long color breaking creases hit the grade hard.