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  1. Although better pics would definitley help, I don’t see too much wrong with this book. Definitley near mint territory. So I’ll take a stab at it for 9.6 I have a deep love for this issue
  2. Going with 5.0. Will be super surprised to see this come back 4.0 range
  3. I’ll agree, definitely a shot at 4.5 here
  4. Inside look ok? (Pics of the splash page, centerfold) just seeing the two pics it’s in the 4.0 range imo.
  5. Please update your pics. CGC sees this book often, so it’s incredibly hard to justify a grade with just the front cover
  6. @grendelbo care to share your wisdom? I own this book as well, and my copy looks worse than this one and was amateur graded 6.0
  7. This is a hard book to grade given the all black and more or less a “modern” book, but what I can see I’ll take a stab at it for 8.0 range as is.
  8. They’ve seen so much of this book… don’t be surprised they give you the 9.4 grade imo.
  9. Presentation wise, you can’t even notice the ripped corner
  10. Congrats @grendelbo incredible scoring I wish to get to your level later in my young life
  11. I don’t think the rips will warrant that big of a hit on the grade. The spine looks pretty worn so imo that’s where most of the grade dinging will take place, aside from the other various color breaking issues… I’ll take a shot at 3.0-4.0 range. Great job cleaning also it looks fantastic 👍
  12. Ah, drats.. harsh grade at 1.0… would the staple detachment have anything to do with the grade given even with the big chunk missing? Still looks gorgeous either way!
  13. Hey all, nice looking book. Don’t believe it’s ever been c/p. thanks to all in advance!
  14. Got my first bullseye! Yippie! but was wayyyy off on AC #61 it’s almost embarrassing 😆
  15. Grades in… sorry, I didn’t read the rules correctly so forgot my user name in the header. Will fix it next time.
  16. I totally agree with you. It’s all going to be up to CGC and how well my presser can work his magic!
  17. That is the plan. My presser seems to think there is plenty on the book he can take care of. Hoping for a 6.0 or better but we will see. I’ll update this thread when the book finally gets sent to CGC
  18. Hello all, a decent copy with a lot of room for improvement with a clean and press. interested to know your thoughts thanks to all in advance!