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  1. A 4.0 to me that will probably get a 5.0+ from CGC
  2. If you’ve ever heard of or use Mylar bags, this would look awesome in it
  3. Subbing or sub, is slang for submit. i was wondering if you plan to send this to CGC
  4. My first thoughts were 4.0 thereabouts are you subbing?
  5. I’m a little surprised to read the assumpted grades above considering this book has high volume submissions but I’m always all for slabbing the first patch its just such a cool book!
  6. I think this book was graded a bit harshly but that’s just me. I own a 8.0 ASM 136 and besides the miswrap this book presents nicer. great book either way with a great story!
  7. Hello all, noticeable defects on my end are mainly on the FC spine (some color breaking ticks) back has some wear on the bottom that I hope will press out or can be cleaned. this one I plan to send to my c/p and sub to CGC. Thanks to all in advance for your help!
  8. Thanks to everyone for your help and feedback. This one will be sent for a c/p and off to CGC. I will try to remember to upload the results here when the time comes next year
  9. Funny… this cover is actually one of my favorites from early ASM. Not sure why. Neat that you still have your book from childhood
  10. Thank you. It was purchased at a 6.0 so the seller was spot on with his grading. Which is a good thing however because I’ve been having issues finding trusted sellers. this is also the second cameo of MJW
  11. Hello all, tanning and the pen mark on FC are the most noticeable issues. Spine tics, staple stress and color breaking crease by “spills” on FC. Inside is looking good. wondering how the pen will effect grade and if it could possibly come off by a professional presser. thanks to all in advance and happy holidays
  12. This is a good read and a lot of information here. Thank you. here’s my question- hypothetically I send this copy of 43 to CGC. Will I run the risk of a qualified grade Instead of a blue label? Or is CGC inconsistent with this method or grading. Appreciate all the responses… it’s a lot to learn and throwing in CGC grading rules along with it is making my head spin a bit
  13. Just a nice cover on a book I would have liked to submit. No sentimental value at all.
  14. Thanks for your input. The corner is exactly as you perceived it. I believe it’s either a stain or heavy discoloration. I was too focused on the detached centerfold to really examine it but don’t believe it’s a foreign substance like white out.
  15. I’ll take a look. There’s so much information to take in at a short amount of time.
  16. His vast knowledge has helped me tremendously during the time I’ve been using the forum
  17. Thanks for going further in depth with all of that, your help has been greatly appreciated!
  18. Thanks for clarification. That makes a lot more sense to me now. I also heard you have to be careful sending books to a presser to reattach your staples, because CGC can catch that and green label you
  19. My apologies. This is what I meant by going more in depth on. So if it was less than a 4.0 copy (without considering the detached wrap) then it would grade a 4.0?
  20. Can you go a little more in depth with your answer please?
  21. Pretty nice looking copy… until I got to the inside. I was never made aware of the detached centerfold, so wondering how this will ultimately affect grade as intital plan was to submit this one to CGC for PC purposes. thanks to all in advance!
  22. Where is this signature you speak of? I don’t see it. this is my favorite book of all time, for whatever reason I just really love it. I’ll get any copy if it’s a good deal.
  23. Those staples look sketchy to me as well, not experienced enough to justify if they are original staples or if it’s been restapled. Appreciate your help!