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  1. Interested in seeing if anyone has any further perspective on the stains thanks everyone!
  2. Unless it’s iron man #1… I wouldn’t bother pressing and grading. You won’t get your ROI but I do really like the cover on issue 3… a nice Mylar bag will do these raw copies wonders.
  3. With the right press work, I can see this getting as high as an 8.5. Couple color breaking tics but that’s all I saw. Nice book
  4. Whoohoo! Finally got the results everyone was anticipating. I’m sure you are happy with the blue label vs getting the green…
  5. Take a stab at it for 9.6… CGC has seen this book a million times. Maybe they overlook the staple issues and gift you a higher grade than anticipated.
  6. I agree. It’s in the 7.0 range as it stands. A clean and press might get you a 7.5
  7. As it stands, it’s probably in the 8.0 range (more 8.5) but with a proper press this book is so eye appealing I don’t see it getting any lower than 9.0 for sure. Awesome book!
  8. I think a 9.6 was right on the money. Corners are too soft and there’s some spine stress. Thanks for posting Jeff!
  9. 7.0 range for me. Still a very nice book
  10. @Jesse-Lee Same for me! Really surprised at the outcome. I thought CGC hits harder on rusted staples
  11. I’ll agree with @scburdet I have a 6.0 copy that I cracked out of its holder and it looks a bit better than this one. Awesome book either way!
  12. Nailed that flash AND spidey 79… half a grade off on the rest aside from secret wars 8… really good learning opportunity as I had no clue how the rust would affect the overall grade
  13. Hello all, cool little book for the PC. First time I ever own something like this so no clue how to place it as far as grade wise. What I’m seeing besides normal wear and tear is what appears to be a booger? On the front cover as well as some stain spots on the back. Let me know your thoughts. thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all, only issues I could find are the finger bends on the top back cover by “Star” also the slight tear. To the left of that in the same photo, there is another finger bend. Corners are a little soft in some areas. appreciate everyone’s input and thank you in advance!
  15. 6.5 for me. Too many spine issues that you can’t ride on hopes and dreams of a press eliminating
  16. Top staple shouldn’t affect the grade at all as long as it’s a) attached to the book b) not rusted. You got yourself a nice looking Bronze Age book here.. probably put it in the NM range (9.0 or better)
  17. Hey David, possible to see the inside or does it look good? With the deep spine tics and staining on the back cover, I’m going with 7.0 range with 7.5 at best. thanks for posting. Love this issue!
  18. Really not doing well this contest… bit of tough luck but did manage two bullseyes this round and have an average of 1 per round. if hindsight is 50/50 and the glass is half full, I’ll take it!