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  1. Can you check if the MVS is there? Maybe upload a pic of it if you can. As it stands however, it looks like a 4.5 from my house without c/p
  2. I trust your knowledge and appreciate your time to explain it to me
  3. Thanks. In your experience and with your knowledge is there anyway to tell for certain this would get a green label or do you see it getting a universal?
  4. This is a tough one… I own a 2.0 that looks better than this so I’m going to take a shot at 1.5 range. Could be totally wrong. Interested to see everyone else’s input on it.
  5. Hello all, various issues here..spine tics, soft corners, color breaking dog ear TRFC, as well as something stuck to hobgoblins head very noticible in pic 2. biggest glaring issue is the tape on top staple. Top staple is attached, however it is loosely connected to the “tattooz” insert as I heard through the grapevine CGC will recognize this and green label as if it was added after. any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thanks to all in advance!
  6. This was a hard contest! Not familiar with golden age at all but what a ride and learning process it was. Couldn’t believe the last round all the books were 5.0
  7. Got this the other day… semi new collector (started early 2023) so this was my big book heading into the new year 2024
  8. Grades in. Thanks for a fun first participation! It was tough but did better than anticipated
  9. I take my wins humbly… congratulations my friend that’s huge!!
  10. I’d send it to C/P but that’s just me. I love this book….
  11. Take a stab at it for 5.0-6.5 seeing something going on mid BC as well as discoloration
  12. Hey all, various spine issues, blunted corners, color rub, dirty… just some of the things I see quick glance… thanks to all in advance!
  13. There’s multiple missing pieces on the right side of the book that go through the whole book. There is A LOT going on aside from it being attached surprisingly. So it’s always interesting to see everyone’s input as they pick it apart
  14. I fully agree with you. For as laxed as things have become, I have seen many books recently with eyebrow raising grades. having you and everyone else take a look at my books and give me your opinions on grades has really helped me learn the process
  15. Hi all, a lot going on here… I think it’s 2.0 or below but wanted to get the forums input on what they think. The TRFC missing piece pretty much goes through the whole book, as well as the other chunk out of the mid right FC. thanks to all in advance!
  16. Looks like a 3.5 to my eyes with the spine damage and water stains. Thanks for posting
  17. This looks rather sharp with the custom label! Nice book… I was eyeing 5.0 when I first looked at the pictures so the grade really surprised me