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  1. I’m torn between 9.0/9.2 as I’m seeing some tiny defects and CGC sees this book a lot.
  2. You’re right though. Feels as though CGC has been more lenient. It’ll be interesting to see what it comes back as. I’m honestly just going to put my educated guess at 9.2 as well
  3. I’m gonna agree with mephistopheles and take a shot at 8.5… would imagine CGC is seeing more of this book due to spec on the movie in a few months and x-men 97 success. Nice book though I love this issue!
  4. 8.0 range imo…. CGC has probably seen this book the most… feel like that BC is going to hurt the grade.
  5. Can’t wait to see what this comes back as… I would lose my noodle if it gets a 7.0
  6. Such a nice book… this is giving me the itch to upgrade mine to a high grade newsstand
  7. Nice book! With the sub crease and other various areas of defects, looks 5ish range. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it get a 6.0 honestly….
  8. I’ll go with a 4.5 on this one. Looks a tad bit better with the sub crease. Nice book 👍
  9. 9.2/9.4 with the substance. Hi Jeff!
  10. Has a shot at 4.0 IMO have a 3.5 copy of this book that looks way worse. Could even get a 4.5
  11. Congratulations! I’m always hesitant to try to grade beautiful examples of silver age books, because it really is like throwing a dart at a wall in how CGC approaches it. You struck gold with this one. Beautiful specimen
  12. I think the stain will come out on the back… looks like a 7.5 with c/p imo
  13. Not sure why I wrote 9.5…. I’d imagine I meant 9.6 congrats!
  14. I see a small stain back cover by wolverines foot, finger prints, spine tic here and there… 8.5 before a press imo.
  15. 3.5 as long as there is nothing missing
  16. In agreement with @scburdet although it’s possible that it could get a 1.0… it’s unlikely but would be very interested to see!
  17. I didn’t see anyone mention foxing, but my eyes are seeing it. So I would imagine with the imperfections mentioned you are looking at the 7.0 range (f/vf) this is easily my favorite FF book of the whole run.
  18. I’ve seen worse copies.. actually I own two of them. And this book is better than both even before a c/p. With that said, I’ll take a shot at 4.0 range with c/p.
  19. Thank you. I will update this thread as the process moves along. I’m in the midst of sending my books to my presser (just waiting on one) and should have them back by early summer. he is pretty talented and well known. He does Mike from lunch money comics on YouTube’s books.
  20. Could you update the pics to show back, centerfold and splash page? looks high grade from the front
  21. 9.2 as stands, 9.4 after a solid c/p love this book… just got my first newsie today
  22. A press would help…but given the age of the book I’ll take a stab at 3.5 as it stands