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  1. This is a 9.2 all day after c/p I don’t see it going below that. Hopefully it can make the gloss shine as it will help it get a higher grade. Gorgeous example!
  2. This is the grade I am hopeful for. This book was cracked out of a PGX 3.5 slab
  3. Hello, just wondering if it is against the rules to reveal a books grade by competitor companies that have been cracked out of their slabs to be submitted to CGC as a raw book.
  4. Hello all, rough condition book here. Noticeable major flaws being top right corner front cover, detached staple on bottom by splash page, chunk missing on back upper corner, as well as some folded over edges on top of back cover that are still hanging on. appreciate everyone’s input and thank you in advance!
  5. If you end up pressing this ding out you should definitely repost the results! Nice book.. this is on my radar for 2024
  6. Definitely check it out. It’s a really good read!
  7. IMO, Galactus covers are always worth slabbing. I’ll agree with everyone else at 3.0 range. Thanks for posting
  8. Going to take a guess at 9.4 in this condition. I see what appears to be a dimple on the back. A c/p would make this copy look beautiful. Nice book
  9. This particular copy was graded a 5.0 by seller. Any thoughts why they would give it this grade? Over Conservative?
  10. I do as well. It had a really good story. One of those books I don’t mind owning multiples of if I can get them on the cheap.
  11. This book was posted on other platforms with numerous people between 5.0-7.0 and even a ceiling of 8.5 with c/p just wanted to know your thoughts I’ve provided an additional pic of the dog ear that runs through two interior pages.
  12. Not a grader but just stopping in to say this is a pretty looking book. Nice one
  13. Just wondering if they smack the Bronze Age books a little more compared to silver
  14. Hi all, ideally this book would need a c/p. The bottom right has a tiny dog ear that doesn’t appear to break color. thanks to all in advance!
  15. Hey all, nice condition copy here. Didn’t see anything else worth noting aside from the soft corner on the bottom left. thanks to all in advance!
  16. Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense in what you gave it initially. I’ll keep it at my FN grade
  17. Thanks for your insight. Do you mind explaining a little further how you determined your grade? Mainly interested on if surface scratching/blunted corners would effect it significantly
  18. I’m sure you wish this was already subbed.. with the time it’s going to take c/p and sending it off it’s gonna be awhile unfortunatly
  19. Hey all, Color breaking ticks (pretty visible in top middle by Deadpool’s right knee) surface scratches, soft blunted corners. taking a shot in the dark at 5.0-6.5 but want more seasoned opinions. thanks to all in advance!
  20. Thanks for the input. The presser I use isn’t cheap by any means, so if it wasn’t going to come out completely I probably won’t bother with it. Just love the cover. This one wasn’t a subber by any means to begin with.
  21. Hi all, this is a rough book.. as you can see. Mainly interested in seeing if the big stain on the front cover would come off with a c/p there’s also various areas of staining on the interior. Staples are intact, but rusty. appreciate all the input!
  22. I had this book at the same grade 9.0-9.2 (was not me who decided on the grade) thanks guys!
  23. Those greens are beautiful! Notorious for fading… I would just put it in a Mylar and enjoy it 😊
  24. I’m going to guess a 9.2-9.5 on this definitely work subbing though!