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  1. Thats easy, this book has extreme high grade rarity, a ret-con connection to a huge Spiderman cannon event of the Bronze Age, and a very interesting licensing story that makes it a must have for any serious Spidey collector. Not to mention the appeal of the artists drawing of women in particular. Think about how interesting this is..... in the 70's the idealized American woman was a "twiggy" type. Skinny with no rear end at all. Mexico didn't have those problems in the 70's.... To think a Mexican idealized version of a popular 70's Spidey love interest would have more in common with the ideal woman body type of the 21st century than it did in the 70's. It all ties up in one interesting bow for the Spidey collector that has to have everything. Thats not even mentioning the culture ramifications for Mexican Americans. As a way through their hobby to re-connect culturally with their cultural roots? It is a no brainer.......
  2. There is still some debate as too wether these were actually officially licensed. At one point in time, Roy Thomas when asked about them considered them bootlegs. He had said if anybody in the bullpen had known about it.... it would never have been allowed. However, at this point in time, all Marvel really cared about was that the licensing checks cashed. So, I actually think the truth lies a bit in the middle. The La Prensa editors did fly to New York to get the ok to do their own "Mexican" versions. With the rule that the artists were to use styles similar to Marvel artists. This explains the heavy use of swipes in the non-canon run. Also remember, that at this time the Mexican Spideys were running bi-monthly. So some say the whole "Death of Stacy event discord" was just cover so La Prensa could continue printing money on their presses bi-monthly. I think the truth is if any of the actual "artists" at Marvel had known that the Mexican Spidey run was going to chart its own canon path, they would have revolted. However, I dont think the La Prensa editors ever spoke to the bullpen at all. I think they were given the ok by suits. people in charge of the bottom line. So the truth lies somewheres in the middle.... if these were officially licensed, it was never ok's by Marvel creators and was a purely financial decision. Either way, these books are a huge part of Spideys history..... you just have to be informed to realize it.
  3. Now, that is just stupid naiveté and ignorance speaking. But you are allowed your opinions.... however shortsighted and stupid.
  4. Amazing sale! Non-canon Mexican Spideys time in the sun might be upon us! The good news is….. a bunch of deep pocketed buyers are now probably doing research on why this book is important. That news will filter into the mainstream in fits and starts….. and when they find out how difficult these are to source. A perfect storm might brew…… everyone knows Spidey collectors can be the craziest. Wanna book for that Spidey collector who has everything? Well the hottie with the body just walked into the dance….. and she’s got a booty only Duran could draw!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hey brah! You are here.... great! Let us keep this foreign love going.......
  6. Only copies on the census..... very happy this thread still lives! It is like a baby you birthed and it grows and grows still. I am a very proud poppa.
  7. For clarity, Yes... the submitter requested this be slabbed backwards. FYI
  8. It was quite interesting. I really enjoyed talking to Matt. What is clear is foreigns are getting ready to have their day in the sun. Already, in certain instances we have seen certain foreign keys sell for more than its US counterpart grade for grade. Discount international "editions" at your peril. And yes... that was Matt Nelson claiming at the end he prefers the Italian "edition" of Spiderman 300 over the US. LOL
  9. I am still round, barely, but I wouldn't call my self an old timer?
  10. Ya know I’m amazed this thread still sees traction. I left for greener social media pastures long ago..... but lo and behold this thread still lives!!!!! Awesomeness.....
  11. Beautiful book! Ive recognized ya around the Facebook Group? My guess is access to FCC has got ya a bit hooked..... ask me how many American books I bought last year? Lol this part of the hobby is real addicting..... I’ve been saying that since I started this thread soooo many years ago.....
  12. Might as well post these here..... in case anybody missed it in the other thread. Tons of work put into these shows. If you are even a little bit interested in the foreign 300's I think you might dig this show? part 1 part 2
  13. I wish that was my hat! Im define999..... im the guy wearing the boring hat! LOL
  14. Thanks man! Lots of work goes into each show we make. Appreciate the props!
  15. Im just gonna place this right here.......
  16. Jon Z and I put a ton of work into our youtube show. Please give it a watch during these times stuck at home. Thanks!
  17. Thought maybe some of you would enjoy this video we did on Global Comic Safari?
  18. Nice to see some posts on this thread....... who would have thunk this thread would still be active after all these years? Pretty neat guys! Panorama #112 was published by Yugoslavian publisher Forum, in December of 1967. It is in a huge format, so big my scanner could barely scan all of the cover. And it is newsprint paper, fragile for sure. This book is a def weird one. The cover is taken from a Marvel Masterwork pin up poster. This poster was on the interior of Avengers #10. And speaking of Avengers #10, this Panorama has 2 pages from said book. Along with the classic silver age Marvel panels there appears to be 4 other stories on the interior. Some of these are black and white. I dont recognize them at all. While other stories are in full color like the Avengers panels. Now, lets talk about that cover shall we? I have put a pin up poster next to the cover in the images below…… First off the Yugo editors put Cap in shorts? Was it a particularly hot summer in Yugoslavia that year? LOL Why? Not only that this pub always did funky things with its coloring! They changed them, significantly…. and peep the shield, particularly the star. Notice, the almost perfectly drawn star. The whole edit reminds me of a soviet bloc propaganda poster or something? I dig the communist looking aesthetic in the art style! Especially when using heros like Cap! A novel comic for sure…. Now the interior pages are interesting. I have images below as well showing the Yugo panels side by side with the American panels. I really like how they did the superhero mugshots at the top of the pages in different colors. All in all super neat….. This book is amazing for a foreign silver age edition and I hope you enjoyed seeing it. Any Marvel silver age collector should have at least 1 of these killer Panorama books in their foreign collection for sure. They are instant conversation pieces. Big thanks to Ken Worthing for helping me research the interiors and providing me with the pin up! Ken is the king of foreign Cap so when doing research of the Cap variety you must include him in the convo!