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  1. I agree, it is very nice to see that group shot of those books - they look fantastic. It's always nice when the books can see the light of day once in a while.
  2. Which brings us to a huge issue in the B&B run...B&B#59...the first Batman team-up. It wouldn't be a permanent thing in the series for over another year (#74) though, as we would get other miscellaneous team-ups (some including Batman, some not) in the interim. This copy is amongst the nicest in my collection.
  3. Perhaps it was this one that currently resides in my collection...
  4. Yes, one of the stragglers that I have yet to acquire for the B&B run. Patience is the key!
  5. And I have another Savannah pedigree for #34 - the first silver age appearance of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Now, this is a pricey book!
  6. I was not so fortunate to acquire my #33 in the 70's...hence I paid fair amount more for mine:
  7. ...and my #26, which features the second appearance (of three consecutive) of the Suicide Squad, also tops out at an 8.5:
  8. Well, ok then. Actually, my copies of #25 and #26 are not as nice as many of the prior issues I have in the run to date. #25, which has the first appearance of the Suicide Squad, is a little pricey in comparison to the issues around it (well, until we get to #28, of course). This issue marked a departure in the series to this point as it contained no Viking Prince, Silent Knight or Robin Hood... going to a more "contemporary" set of characters in the Suicide Squad.
  9. Agreed! That and the #6 were the last two I needed to get in the first 24 issues of this run.
  10. Well, as far as #18 goes, you've got a great copy and a nicer one that I possess. I will say that I have a fairly nice #19 though...
  11. Ahhh!!! that's nice! Always very satisfying to complete a run!
  12. This one is an incredibly hard book to get in good condition. I have a copy in CGC 8.0 and it is tied with 3 others as highest graded. There are very few copies (24) even certified. I managed to purchase my copy over 6 years ago and I'm actually quite surprised another hasn't come along (yet) with a higher grade.
  13. Yes, you would have done everyone a favor, Tim
  14. Hi Dave, No questions from me either. Just wanted to comment that I've also used My Comic Shop in the past to sell some books and have had absolutely no complaints on their service. I would (and will) use them again soon. Brad.
  15. Yes, I think I just happened to luck out on finding a #2 in 7.0. While there are (comparatively speaking) quite a few CGC certified copies of this issue (43), only 5 exist at that level or higher (only 1 at 7.5). I would imagine there are some collectors (like jimbo) who have nice copies in this run that are raw. I'd like to think there is a pristine copy of B&B#2 safely tucked away somewhere out there...at the very least, one which would grade out higher than the current census leader. As we've seen lately, there are still HG raw collections out there!
  16. To put it in perspective, this is the All Star #33 9.4 I used to own:
  17. This is a 9.6? That top left corner looks chewed up!
  18. Well...it took another 20 months or so from the last entry in this message thread (what? has it been that long?), but I finally picked up the final copy I needed to complete this min-run. B&B #6 and #11 were proving to be stubborn, but in the last couple months I was finally able to get nice copies to fill out the set. I've included a picture of the final piece of the puzzle. I'm pretty happy with the set I've compiled. The lowest graded book in the set (Batman Free B&B on the registry) is B&B#2 at a CGC 7.0 and nine of my issues are graded at 9.0 or higher.
  19. Well, I would've posted to this (and I do think it is a good idea), but I happened to go 0 for 9 in the CL auction! Can't win them all...or any of them in this case
  20. Hey, I have one of these too! (although nowhere as nice as many others in this thread). I purchased it at a local comic shop back around 1989 for $50:
  21. Looks like Nichelle went a little overboard with her signature
  22. Now, now...don't sell yourself short Danny. That is an awesome collection you've assembled there. I'm still quite a bit away from completing the run myself. I'm finding that there is a lot of competition for some of those mid #50 issues! I love that picture of your first 24 books. Very well done!! Now just pick up that pesky #28 already!!! Brad.
  23. Thanks for the heads up Dave. @thehumantorch However, I got out of the All-Stars a few months back. I actually had that issue in that exact grade - it wasn't the Mile High copy though. Brad.