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  1. This is the issue. Why should any company have better customer service and product expectations if they have trained their customer base not only to expect what is currently happening (this is how it's always been) but to then further defend it (I have been collecting CGC SS celebrity sigs for quite some time. This is par for the course.) when others are pointing out very valid complaints.
  2. Do not criticize authority or you will be banned....naughty, naughty. Nothing to see here, inconsistent answers on the forums are just your imagination and pointing them out is very mean.
  3. 3K is probably a good price (3x 9.8 cost) but you have to know what to look for as IIRC someone made a number of fakes and sold them. For a bit of history: The spiral bound version was shipped to retailers as a preview incentive and was only printed to around 100 (+/-). This version doesn't actually contain the full story from issue #1 it is only a preview with an additional text letter. I have never been lucky enough to own one and have only seen one in the wild 15+ years ago; there is a fanbase for this that does not easily part with their treasures.
  4. Good sir are you trying to impugn CGC's reputation by showing cases of inconsistency..... I foresee many 9.6s without grader notes in your future.
  5. of course, I always admit to federal crimes on internet forums..... If someone is worried about giving the government money on a random $200 sale, I have some bad news for everyone that has ever given money to a friend without reporting it, or your untaxed yard sale purchases and sales, even contest winnings.... registry awards are right around the corner . obviously don't listen to rando's on the internet for tax advice, but the IRS swat team isn't busting down your door because you sold a Darkhawk #1 at a convention and didn't report it. That drastically changes when you try and not report that highly publicized Action #1, though. Reporting this stuff if you are at the level that it needs reporting is very messy and should be handled by your accountant because they know what profit means, what can be deducted to limit exposure, and most importantly the exact form needed.
  6. pretty sure it is Denny O'Neil
  7. speaking from a purely hypothetical and very anti tax stance... I don't self report anything that I have not been personally issued a correct 1099 for, by someone else. Your moral position on what you owe the government and are willing to pay is between you and your accountant.
  8. All those beautiful books and not an Adventure #346 in sight.... it is a conspiracy! Thanks for all the great pics, one of these years I will eventually make down to this convention, it always looks great.
  9. glad you found this on Ebay....
  10. I find that a crisp $20 inserted behind the front cover often solves this issue and since only one grader looks at the book they don't have to split it! ..... maybe.
  11. I collect a lot of golden age romance/teen humor (millie, tessie, nellie, showgirls) so I am probably bias as generally the only option is low grade. For the sole purpose of "collecting" to have, especially raw books I prefer low grade examples. It allows me the luxury to handle them without concern of nicking a corner and destroying value. Leafing through a 1940s comic just has a nice feeling. Slabs is a different story though as I "collect" them for eventual value. Years ago when hunting down my Millie #2 for a Ken Bald sig I was very lucky to find one that graded out to 7.0 which is "high grade" as IIRC the only two 8.0s are pedigrees.
  12. I've had a box of slabs i've been meaning to sell for over six months now sitting under my desk without posting them or just sending them to CLink. I am starting to get mad they haven't sold yet... not even an offer.
  13. It depends what will happen to your stuff when you are no longer here. Anything personalized is going to sell for much less than non-personalized and leaving your family the burden of selling your personalized collection of Sleepwalker or Quasar comics will absolutely be a burden. Your personal collection is only a cover for what you own currently or not "wanting" to sell at this very moment, tomorrow is a completely unrelated subject. I hate to say this but the idea of "passing things down" is generally overly romanticized by old people whose real purpose is to tacitly live on in some form afterwards. While obviously not every case colloquially 90% of items left to family are just sold for cash or thrown away since it doesn't suit their interests or just having old people stuff dumped on you isn't really the caring endeavor most want it to be regardless of "value". Speaking of which you might have something that is valuable and the knowledge of how to extract that value, but does your husband have that same knowledge? do your grandkids? or will they be gifted something of value without the tools necessary to maximize it and end up selling it on facebook for 25% of what they could have gotten at in a random comiclink auction? It is something that has to be thought about outside of yourself.
  14. This just popped up today: (4436357001) @MattM CS Is this the correct labeling and designation?
  15. I have never understood CGC's absolute stubbornness of and absolute hatred of not grading a sketch and just authenticating it with letters ART in the box vice a numeric grade. It would cutout turn around time and skip an entire step of the process saving time/money for both the company and customer. It is literally the easiest win/win of lowest hanging fruit available. Forcing a green label for a sketch on one hand but offering a yellow on the other will confuse the customer base and make CGC just look dumb with the needless double standard.
  16. 2/4 on my original guesses is probably as well as can be expected. These are pretty underwhelming overall and are pretty safe from a financial standpoint. The Alex Ross heroes/villains should be generic enough that it sees a lot of cross book usage. I still wish they would at least try a test run for a golden age label using public domain characters that way there is as little investment as possible and higher chance to meet ROI targets.
  17. Reholdering is fine as they do not regrade the book unless something happens (which you will be notified about). The grade drop and lack of transparency on how sketches affect the grade (outside of the nebulous statement offered) has me very hesitant to submit any green label for authentication. Best internal practices would include automation in tracking a book entered as a 9.8 then leaving as a 9.2 being flagged for review. But we all know CGC does not do this in any way and blames all mishandling of books in CGC possession on the customer. No graders notes on this is also a substandard practice, I am going to have to see a lot of these books in the wild prior to sending in anything and trusting the current process.
  18. The facsimiles don't have any value, most do not even sell on ebay for more than the cost of grading/shipping. Even the signed slabs rarely hit the break even point.
  19. Technically you can store your slabs in the microwave if you want... it is all a matter of gumption.
  20. Unfortunately it will turn the 3D hologram on these into 2D as a result of the flat pressing with additional heat.... They can be pressed, normally without issue. I would only recommend doing your research about CGC pressing prior to submission.
  21. I never collected many of the previews outside of a couple with interesting inserts (Defiant #0) but I did have a pretty sizable stack of Mile High Futures prior to a storage unit flood. These have proven pretty difficult to replace despite being almost worthless.
  22. The Peter Krause art looks a lot like the art from the ghost band kickstarter from some years ago (I double checked and he wasn't listed in credits). I don't hate the art and I wasn't expecting them to try and mirror mid-50s style, but my expectations are low. As for "no words" these are preview pages, I am going to greatly assume like many preview pages the text has not been added purposefully. Regardless it is two singular issues and they are not making 100 alternate covers to boost total print numbers so I will probably pick up at least the first issue.
  23. This is the kind of 90's drek I absolutely love! IIRC this is Ashcan - B and they were all signed. The blue cover (ashcan A) were not signed. I really want to say these were mail away books but they pre-date Avengelyne #1 so probably some type of retailer ordering incentive.
  24. I looked back over my original notes when I first found out about these and I was incorrect in who distributed them. Diamond did not give these out as DC had parted ways with them when they shut down during the pandemic. These books were given out to retailers (one per store as an incentive) who ordered through DC's new distribution houses UCS & Lunar (each got a different book). I cannot verify the next part as I didn't write down a source but apparently these were encapsulated back in 2016 and unused as a deal was not reached (or maybe fell through?) and sat in storage until they were given out in 2020. They are a very good example of DC micromanaging/meddling though with the incessant branding: "DC Certified" under comic name, "DC logo", "comic title logo", another DC logo in the background...
  25. I do have some ancillary information on the DC front and posted this before. DC is exceptionally difficult and demanding to deal with, they view it as "protecting their brand" which is why there are so few DC store variant exclusives. Back in the 2010s I worked with a comic shop trying to get an exclusive DC cover, it was frustratingly difficult and very expensive! in the end, the shop switched to a Marvel cover and the deal was wrapped up in 3 weeks at a third of the cost. Everything with DC was a sticking point from approved art (had to use current costume), approved artist, min/max order supply, a stop order after 30 days to no longer sell books (they had to be destroyed), store branding on the comic, and the escalating cost throughout the process. There are actually two custom CGC DC labels that were put out by Diamond, though no one knows the agreement details. They look really nice.