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  1. Absolutely fantastic work. I can identify with trying to get back into the swing of things. I recently started working in my sketchbooks again for the first time in 3+ years since I tore my rotator cuff and and pinched nerve in my right shoulder. Keep it up. Look forward to seeing more of your work!
  2. I mostly used the 0.05 multiliner in all the detail work on the phone screen. I used 1.0 for some larger sections and the 2.0 on outlining the hand, fingers, left knee, etc.. This is actually my first time using gray tones only. I did use some neutral grays on the knees and hand. Everything else was cool grays. Ironically I had recently bought all the newer ultra tiny point Staedtler MarsMatic 700 technical pens to go with my set. The 4 new size pens cost more than my set. They were $40ea for the 0.13, 0.18, 0.1 and 0.25. And what's weird about hose measurements, the both the 0.13 and 0.18 are smaller than the 0.1. I didn't use them on this piece because in testing them, they were tearing up the paper pretty bad since they are new and need to be worn in some.
  3. Thank you. I actually almost ripped this out of my sketchbook and burn it because i bought a new set of markers. In the bottom right corner of the screen you can see the shading is all jacked up. The paper started reacting really weird. Come to find out the markers were water based instead of the usual alcohol based and it messed up the paper. But I muscled through it and got it to the current state. Here is a pic to show the scale of this piece. I bought a Moleskine art sketchbook on Amazon because it was on sale. I didn't pay attention to the size when I ordered it. This is by far the biggest Moleskine I have ever seen. In this pic you can see the Pentel Orenz Nero 0.2mm mechanical pencil, the Copic Multiliners and cool gray markers I used on this piece. You can also see a 6" ruler and my other sketchbook that I did the cover recreations recently.
  4. I have a little bit more to finish this but I wanted to show what I’ve been working on since 10/02 I call this piece “Focus - A Fan’s Perspective” It’s me drawing of picture of me watching and studying one of Aaron Horkey’s Instagram videos of him drawing a picture. That’s 4th wall inside a 4th wall. That’s like 16 walls!
  5. I haven't been around here in a few years. Here are a few of cover recreations I've done recently in one of my sketchbooks...
  6. I just wanted to see everyone's custom Ghost Rider covers they've had done over the years. I have seen a few Clayton Crain covers on here but I figure there has to be many more that I've missed.
  7. Thanks. I've imagined this cover about a dozen ways since issue #100. I'm pretty sure most people will be able to guess who will be in the place of The Punisher on this version
  8. Some what related. I went to Half Price Books today in Plano TX and found this. It's a journal that various types of page configurations. Some lined, some graphed and some blank. The inside front pages and inside back pages are from some GA horror comics as well. It was $6. So I couldn't pass it up. BTW, the strip that covers the front and back is removable.
  9. Yes all pencils, Specifically one lead holder with a 2H lead and another with an HB lead. This is the picture I'm using for reference material.
  10. Looky what came in the mail today Just hope I can find a pink one for a decent price. And then maybe Poyo!
  11. I've been chatting a lot with Kyle Hotz lately. He's let me do some test inks on some of his pages. We had recently been discussing our abilities in other art forms other than comic book style. So I started working on a portrait of him using his current facebook avatar image. I threw the logo in because I felt it was only fitting There are still some characteristics that need "fleshed" out better and of course it needs finishing, but this is what I managed to get done in about 6 hours yesterday.
  12. Does anyone have the scans for the OA of Chew 13 1st and 2nd print? Also the Kill Bill variant of 35?
  13. Winsor Newton Series 7 brushes and various inks
  14. I got to ink an unpublished Kyle Hotz piece from Witch Doctor this weekend
  15. I got to look through one of these today. It is absolutely beautiful inside. I'm regretting not buying it now. So I guess I'll have to wait and hope it isn't sold by the time I get to my LCS at lunch on Monday.
  16. Finally got to finish this page. Artwork by Kyle Hotz