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  1. Finished with #inktober #3 Out of the Night #1 - ACG - cover by Ken Bald
  2. Any PCH cover requests? got an early start on the next sketch card... can't decide one which issue to do, either #1 or #4
  3. Thanks y'all. Will post more throughout the month
  4. and here is today's #inktober submission. I might finish the lower left corner later
  5. one of my first Inktober submissions. Since my original plans for this year's Inktober fell through, I decided to do trading card size recreations of Pre-Code Horror covers that I really like. and this is just an inking practice that might turn into something more if all goes well anyone know who the artist is or what book this is from? It is fairly recent.
  6. It's been a while since I posted here. It's been a good week for me on my finds at some of the local Half Price Books stores. I picked up these GA war books last Saturday for $9 total.
  7. It's been a while since I posted here. It's been a good week for me on my finds at some of the local Half Price Books stores. I picked up these GA war books last Saturday for $9 total.
  8. Yup. Paid $1.48 + tax for WD19. I already have a bid of $125 for it. I nearly had to run Home to change my underwear once I got out of the store.
  9. Yeah I had to take a double and triple take to make sure it was what it was. And praying that the guy behind the counter didn't wip out a price guide or something. I've been pretty lucky in the past few weeks at HPB. I got some Atlas pre-code war/horror books for $3ea Men's Adventure 14, War Adventures #4 and #10. Also got Daredevil 184 for $1 and the black and white Retailer Incentive version of Darker Image for $0.50
  10. So here in the Dallas / Ft Worth are, besides being home to the first case of Ebola, we have a chain of stores called Half Price Books. And as you might guess, you can buy used books for half the cover price. Sometimes even less than that. Well these stores also happen to have a section for comic books. Now understand that they don't concern themselves on keep these books in safe condition. And each store keeps their more expensive (usually gold or silver age titles) and explicit books either in a lockbox that you can thrumb though the top or in a box behind the main counter. I tend to visit the shops within a certain distance about once a month or so, just to see what they have come in. They put out new stuff actually on a daily basis. So today I ventured out to one of the shops in Plano that I hadn't been to in quite a while. And here is what I got today. Be sure to check the receipt That's right folks. I actually bought Walking Dead 19 for $1.48 plus tax
  11. This was my very first submission to CGC. I submitted it at Wizard World Austin. I was expecting the grade to be 9.6 or 9.4. So I'm pretty happy that it turned out as well as it did. I did this for a friend for his up coming 40th birthday. He got me ASM 129 for my 40th.
  12. Something I did for a friend's 40th birthday. He's somewhat of a huge Superman fanatic btw, before I submitted this to CGC at Wizard World Austin, I did finish coloring the guy on all fours' pants and under the right arm of the guy in the bottom left corner.
  13. It's Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner. That's all my dad ever used.
  14. OK so this isn't so much of a "Garage Sale" item as it is a "Garage Find" item. So I'm selling off my dad's house. We got just about everything out of it, I went back for one last look around and found that there is a crawl space above the garage that I never knew about. It was a good thing I looked up there because I found a very nice and very expensive and very HUGE HD antenna that is now going in my attic so maybe I can cut down my cable bill Anyways there were some boxes up there as well. So We started pulling down the boxes and most of them had junk them, literally junk. Old blankets that mice made into dens, old tupperware, broken tools and other . In the last box I found a Sega Master System along with 2 games, the light phaser, control stick, automatic RF switcher, power cable and AV cable. No original box for the system, but EVERYTHING looks like it was bought yesterday basically, at least now it does since I removed the years of dust from them. I opened the After Burner game and it seriously looks BRAND NEW. AND I found the original purchase receipt for the game that my dad paid $40 for at Target on 01/01/1989. I remember my dad telling me that he had bought this system back then and that he only played it a handful of times and put it away. So I brought the lot home, wiped it down, plugged it in and sure enough everything works great. Well I say that. I'm actually unable to test the light phaser because they do not work with LCD tv's and I don't own a CRT tv anymore. But I'm pretty sure it works. It is in great shape like I said. So now I'm going to take some better pictures tomorrow and see if someone feeling nostalgic on ebay wants to buy it
  15. It's Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn character. She always has tears. It's his trademark.
  16. Back in the early 90's I worked at a movie theater. It was nice getting to take home movie posters and banners once in a while. One of the banners I got to take home was the teaser banner for Titanic. A few years later I got bored one day and started this. I never finished it, but it was started in 1997. Great thing is NOW I can finish it with my daughter, which is ironic since her middle name is Dawn. 6 years later I did this one...
  17. I picked this up from my buddy Tony "Uglyknuckles" Bledsoe. It's from Something Wicked issue 3 page 4. By Jerry Beck.
  18. I was wondering what are some of your favorite ads from GA comics. I never understood why there were so many women's clothing ads or lose weight gadget ads in horror comics. But I always loves the mail-off ads to get magic tricks or toys. And of course there were always the workout ads for men.
  19. At the time I was doing these, I was working at a movie theater in Arlington TX. It got very boring at time waiting on movies to end so we could close up the theater. So many time I would doodle on the back of the schedules for that day... This... Became this... and this... Became this...
  20. A really weird attempt at something semi-manga style My first charcoal drawing messing around with tempera paint Long before he was Professor X And then there was the obsession with tribal ankh designs Some became tattoos for people, one became a piece of jewelry
  21. Model oldies from the 90's random characters... A character I was developing for a story back then. I had a huge obsession with Danzig and Danzig related things Faust Michael - my personal guardian angel or sorts Some jacked up self portraits inspired by the Powell & Peralta McGill skateboard design
  22. So I got to digging around in my man-cave and found some old sketchbooks from back in the early to mid 90's. I had a thing for using Playboy issues are source materials for a while... Farrah Fawcett (Her final playboy) - unfinished Erika Elaniak (Playboy cover) Anna Nicole Smith (kinda jacked up looking) Unknown model
  23. for those of you collecting the individual store variants, I can probably still get some of these... let me know if you are interested.
  24. That is a fantastic presentation for a book with that low of a grade. Congrats!