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  1. A three part commission I did for a boardie Penciled Inked Colored All 3
  2. I haven't ran into this issue yet, because I'm only on my 3rd refill on this pen. But I have heard about this problem. And have a 2nd pen already I also recently purchased a bunch of Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes. Damn expensive things, but luckily one of the local art supply chains has them at 50% off through the end of the year. Hopefully I can acquire all I need before then.
  3. A quick sketch I did last weekend for practice using my Pentel brush pen... Something I did a couple weeks ago for the owner of my LCS as a thank you Something I started after Thanksgiving lunch...
  4. Fantastic! Now where do I get my CSS22 Jr. Badge at? Funny thing was, I bought this from mycomicshop. I almost bought it via their ebay account. Until I was checking on some other books on their website and found that not only is it cheaper to buy on the website, but I can also have it shipped to one of their shops fairly close by for free and save the shipping. I do wish the top right corner would have been in better shape, but then again, this book won't ever really be worth more than $10.
  5. Unfortunately, this is as close as I will be able to get this book for a while... But I still love it
  6. OK say you had $100-$150 max, what pre-code horror book (if this is even possible) would you get? There are a few copies of Out of the Night #1 on eBay within that price range that I'm considering. I'm not overly worried about it being high grade. But I would like the cover in as good of condition as possible for that price range.
  7. It isn't his original artwork for sale, but if you check Greg's deviantart page, he has posted the artwork for the covers of Batman 0-13 as well as many internal pages. If nothing else they are great to look at and study. http://thegregcapullo.deviantart.com
  8. Horrific #2 Bomber Comics #3 So we can delete the other thread I started now
  9. Do any of you guys ever contribute to ComicVine.com? There are TONS of missing Pre-Code comics missing from CV as well as the info for the books. Especially good cover scans.
  10. This is a bit late on my part, but he shipped my Mouse Guard TPB very quickly. Great doing business with him. Thanks again.
  11. F'n awesome. I've recently become a fan of The Phantom Stranger and am in the process of trying to get all over Vol 2. Nice looking books!
  12. This is still my 2nd favorite thread in this entire forum, only being the Pre-Code Horror thread. And just like them, I hate you all These are some fantastic look books and it's hard to manage my jealousy for you all here. Those folks can't call my winning lottery numbers fast enough
  13. I am loving getting to see all these pre-code horror books here. I spent WAY more time than I should have at work today going through this thread. Especially some of the Witches Tales books!
  14. This is probably not quite the right place to ask this, but... Would anyone know roughly what something like this would go for these days? I know there is an incomplete set on ebay, and another dealer trying to sell the individual plates for $35 each. Thanks for any input. Sorry for the hijack, but I figured it's kind of pre-code related
  15. Got this yesterday... Got these today as first part of an early birthday present And finally for this as the second part of an early birthday present
  16. Happy early birthday to me! my buddy hooked me up with this today as an early birthday present. One of my favorite Batman covers of all time...
  17. That is an insanely awesome collection of Spawn #1's. No Image Firsts Edition in there?
  18. Is it just me or does Nagan look like Tom Arnold on these covers?
  19. My first 2 Batman SA's. They aren't in that great of condition, but they were cheap. $9 for the pair. Next will be 227 and 251
  20. So jealous right now. This has been my one of my bucketlist books, or as you folks around here call them, grails, forever.
  21. I get to do all the little fills when we move But it's worth it. Better than looking at drab tan walls.
  22. I've had these for a while, but since I'm new to this forum... Unfortunately the AC drain pipe in my attic backed up and overflowed though the roof in my bedroom and down onto my full size sketchpad. Talk about getting enraged! This is actually a Tim Tyler ink on vellum that was used for production. Someone else I know owns the Tim Vigil original pencil of this piece. %208%2012%2023%20PM.jpg' alt='2.gif.9fc66b13abe5d736a39bc1a668f42ae9.gif' alt='2c'>%208%2012%2023%20PM.jpg'> These are two commissions I had done at Wizard World Dallas back in Nov 2003 by Tim Vigil. Ich - Inked %208%2014%2028%20PM.jpg' alt='2.gif.9fc66b13abe5d736a39bc1a668f42ae9.gif' alt='2c'>%208%2014%2028%20PM.jpg'> Jay and Silent Bob - pencil only - Signed by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes the same day. Kevin loved it! I had to edit it, but you can figure out what is going on... %208%2016%2034%20PM.jpg' alt='2.gif.9fc66b13abe5d736a39bc1a668f42ae9.gif' alt='2c'>%208%2016%2034%20PM.jpg'>
  23. My newly decorated man-cave... Not to worry, it was rainy outside and I don't open the blinds often. Also no I didn't push the thumb tacks in all the way. And never punctured the bags.