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  1. There are times I will use a light box to get basic layouts done and then fill in details. This one was all done by eyeballing it. That's why there are plenty of imperfections.
  2. Does anyone know if anyone actually owns the copyright to the character of Mister Mystery? I know a lot of characters from that era became open domain like Air Boy.
  3. I never understood that either Mike! I'm the kind of guy that likes to do his own thing,not someone elses. I do my own stuff to. But I do reproductions and other kinds of work as a way of studying other artists workflows, methods, etc. Like while I did this one of Rossmo's
  4. 1) for practice 2) sometimes there are buyers (always taking requests and open to pricing ) 3) mostly for fun This last one is in my sketch diary. I was trying originally to do a sketch piece per day, but that didn't work out. So now I'm going to see about doing at least one GA horror cover recreation every two weeks or so between other art projects. It actually being used to sharpen up before I start on my own comic that is GA Horror based. Here is a picture for reference so you can see the size of this one...
  5. Well this is as far as I can go until I come up with some purple markers to finish it off.
  6. Awesome starters y'all Please keep them coming.
  7. I wanted to get some input from GA Horror fans, what are some of you favorite STORIES and from which book?
  8. Something I started working on today... inked a little tonight...
  9. Boon bought some books from me. Paid very quickly and had great communications with. Thanks again bud!
  10. When did all that Batman '66 stuff come out? I want those!!!
  11. Check your PM I rarely keep any of my artwork.
  12. THAT is the kind of lamp I am looking for now. NICE acoustic bass you have there! As for my Schomburg print, well, it's actually a print-out I found a high resolution scan of the print online. I did a bunch of touchup work to it in photoshop and then printing it on our huge plotter at the office. No way would i put thumb tacks through one of those prints considering what they sell for these day. I'm hoping to find the print of The Human Torch #23 though. That is my all time favorite cover of Alex's
  13. Now that I have got the table where I want. Tonight is Art Night for me since the wife and kid are over at a friend's house. Yes the lamps work pretty good, but I think I want a bigger and more transitional lamp to work with. I just have to make sure the arm on it doesn't collapse so easily as many of my previous lamps. Let see all you people's artist corners. Here is my current configuration
  14. Ok so NOBODY has done any artwork this week? I have 3 pieces in various phases at the moment. Nothing I want to show at this time But I finally got my new drawing table assembled and ready to put to work. I got this baby for a steal. It was normally $180, but Hobby Lobby has put this model on clearance. And the girl at the register decided to give be an additional 40% off for some reason, so I was out the door for $63.00 The 2 clamp snake lamps were bought at Ikea for $15ea. Not too sure about them yet. And in the meantime, since I recently turned 40, I have found that I am needing these damn things for anything within 24"s and below the glasses is an inking practice I've been playing around with using only a quill and a hunt 102 nib. no brush, no marker, no pens.
  15. I'm sure there has been some discussion about this in this long thread before but I'm curious, did someone come across another 1000 copies of the RRP and they all grade 9.8 or something? I'm curious because I haven't been gone from here that long. It seems like maybe 4-5 months and I see the 9.8 RRP selling for 1/2 if not 1/3 of what it was selling for when I left. People were trading them for WD #1 in 9.6 at the time. Especially surprised since Saga creative staff won all those Eisner awards. This drop reminds me of The Sixth Gun burst when the series was tabled. Damn how the mighty fall so quickly
  16. I've been tempted to pick up that Wally Wood book. It is amazing.
  17. Thanks. This one was supposed to be a birthday present for Tim Vigil. But unfortunately because of real world commitments, I won't be able to ship it to him in time. Plus there are some things about it that I don't like and will probably do it over at a later time to give to him for xmas or something. It's one of his top 3 favorite comic book covers of all time.
  18. This probably isn't the right place to ask, but... Does anyone know of a definitive list of Neal Adams covers? Not just Batman but all books or close to it?