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  1. Nice Tyler Stout Captain American (Variant) Mondo Print there!
  2. I just started down the road of inking about a year ago or so. Going through various pen sets, exploring crow quills with different nibs and then brush work. I will still using pens (Copic Multiliners) if there is a lot of technical work that needs done. Once in a while I'll feel nostalgic and break out the quill with a Hunt 102 nib, but my personal preference is using brushes. It just has an organic feel and look. My confidence level is not where I want it to be on my inking. While I appreciate any praise I get when I show the work I've done, I have a very hard time looking past the mistakes that glare off the page at me. So I practice as often as possible. Unfortunately lately I haven't been able to work as much as I would like because of medical issues, but I'm trying to get back into things. I've been working on some pages given to me by Kyle Hotz, who has been great on feedback, as well as his inker, Jason Moore. I would love to leave behind the world of IT and just do artwork, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. This is one of the pages Kyle gave me. I started it months ago but had to put it down for a while. I'll be finishing it today.
  3. Yeah there have been plenty of discussions about this on many facebook pages. And I would agree for the most part. However imagine the possibility of owning and framing the original pencils, the production inks and a high res printout of the finished colors. Such is possible these days where it wasn't before.
  4. This piece I did because I love the artwork obviously and also to see how I could manage to do some very long sweeping lines without using a french curve or any other tool. It was challenging but lots of fun. And just cemented my love for this particular brush that I'm using right now.
  5. It's an 11x17 Bristol board. You can pickup some of the "full size" Brother MFC all-in-one printer scanner copiers for fairly cheap. There are videos on YouTube on how to convert line art to blueline in photoshop. It's become a pretty common practice with a lot of professional inkers these days. It saves the original pencils pages and with inkers being able to download high resolution scans of the pencils from the company ftp and print them out, the process of completing the book is much faster. Just about all of the major comicbook companies are doing it like this these days. There are still, however, some seriously evil inkers, like Richard Friend, that still ink directly over David Finch's pencils.
  6. It is where I converted the original line art to blueline and printed it to a bristol board.
  7. Finished another inking practice piece. This one was a blast to work on!
  8. I've sold some books to a fairly well known comicbook artist around these parts. On a side note, I use to work for Brinks Home Security and handled a break-in alarm back in the late 90's at Todd Toys and the first contact was Todd McFarlane. I also worked a few alarms for some well known movie stars that year on the night of the Oscar awards. They set off their alarm and didn't remember their security code of password. And didn't care that I was going to have to send the police to their residence, they were late for the awards show.
  9. NICE! I love this cover. It's on my stack of 4 full size (13.25" x 20") recreations. also doing... Punch Comics 12 Dynamic Comics 8 Witches Tales 8 Just trying to decide if I want to invest in the Copics I'm missing to colors these or just leave them inked only. Congrats again on getting that copy.
  10. Thanks. I really want to get the full run of this, The Thing! and Masks. But I'm sure Masks is going to end up being a pipedream. Much like any hope of getting my hands on Strange Tales 28. The Thing! series doesn't look to be too bad except for #15 and maybe a couple others.
  11. Finishing this up soon... Done exclusively with a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #4 round brush
  12. There is a Half Price Books store not too far from my work that has a decent run of of Bone in pretty damn good shape. #1 was 3rd print and most of the earlier issues are 2nd print. But for half cover price. I may still go back and pick them up. They had most of the Image books as well. But these were nice. Congrats on the TMNT!
  13. I bid on this without really paying close attention to the bottom right corner. But in the end, I still love this cover.
  14. yeah, I wasn't even worried about the bottom left corner. The rest of the cover presents very well in my opinion.
  15. my latest commission piece for a friend's business
  16. Weird Tales of the Future #3 Yup. I just happened to be listening to Slipknot's new single The Devil and I, when I found that in your photobucket and thought how fitting. It was also the 1st time in almost a month that I've been able to do any artwork because of some reoccurring neck issues I've been having lately. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and finish up some commission work I have going.
  17. Thanks something new I started tonight for the hell of it. I'm sure people will recognize it at some point. I call this one "Soft leads are FUN!"
  18. something left unfinished... I was practicing with Copics to see what kind of blending flesh tones I could get.
  19. I sometimes question my own sanity by even looking at this thread. All it does is spark jealously, envy and evil thoughts toward the owners of these beautiful books ...that and add issues to my want list
  20. sitting... waiting... wondering... will Witches Tales #8 make the list this time...