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  1. Damn, I think you just knocked me off the HPB finds pedestal, with my Walking Dead 19 purchase a few weeks ago Congrats!
  2. Nice. And nice books in your signature. I had the opportunity to buy Mister Mystery #1 in pretty decent condition for $100 but didn't have the funds at the time.
  3. I'm jealous of your X-men #1. Even at a .5, it's still one of my bucketlist books or "grails".
  4. Thanks. Someday maybe I'll be able to pick up a #15
  5. couldn't pass them up. They were cheap...
  6. some things i picked up from mycomicshop I know these are reprints, but I just couldn't pass them up...
  7. I'm kinda pissed at the moment. I've had chronic neck issues stemming from a wreck years ago. And for some damn reason it's decided to rear it's ugly head for the past 8 days. I started this last week and just can not finish it right now. Hopefully my trip to the doc this Wednesday will get me some relief and get back to work. Nothing ruins your day when you absolutely can not do the hobby you love. In the meantime I'm still trying to narrow down which TFTC cover I want to do. I've always had a thing for #34 & #43. So it will be one of those most likely. In the interim I've been reading The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You To Read. Such a great book with lots of awesome cover art and stories inside. The DVD is pretty funny as well.
  8. Sarfa

    pwog's feedback

    Sold pwog my Famous Funnies 82. Great communication and a simple and fast transaction. Thanks again.
  9. I think I might do the cover for issue 2. I really like that one.
  10. Nice, I just recently discovered Kirby - Demon, thanks to a recent thread here. I need to see about tracking down his run.
  11. All I need is reference material. Any pages in particular you had in mind?
  12. Yeah I do too. But for this one, I plan to do what I did for the Hulks, to have a collection to show the progress of work I guess...
  13. The Hulks, were lightboxed. The GA stuff was printed in blueline and then inked. I took some high resolution scans of the original artwork that I found online, straightened and leveled it. Then printed them out on bristol boards. The "minis" as I call them as sized to do 2 per 11"x17" board. I am doing an "actual size" of the CSS22 soon. It will get the full treatment. Inked and colored, as long as I can get the right color copics that I'm missing at the moment.
  14. True, but as I'm not really established, I don't know, I feel weird asking for money for these kinds of things. Now if someone commissioned me to do something, like I've done on this board a couple times, then it's kewl. I did these for a fellow boardie about 2 years ago... One penciled, One penciled and inked and one penciled, inked and colored.
  15. A couple of inking practices I finished recently If anyone would like to have these, be the first to send me a PM and be willing to paypal me $5 for shipping. If you feel like tipping for the work, that's up to you Someone already got them. Thanks
  16. Just a quick sketch done while watching the game today.
  17. So I've been doing a lot of practice inking lately. Here is one I started earlier this year and finished it today. The 2nd pic is so you can see a size comparison. I decided not to color it as I'm missing some of the right Copics to get it done satisfactory enough. To be clear what these are, I managed to find some high resolution scans of the original artwork. I did some leveling in photoshop and blueline printed them to bristol boards. I did 2 pages to a board. I then inked them with my Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. I did use some Copic multiliner markers on some of the lettering and boarders. I also did this one for fun since it's one of my favorite Witches Tales covers. If anyone would like to have these, be the first to send me a PM and be willing to paypal me $5 for shipping. If you feel like tipping for the work, that's up to you A board member got them.
  18. Picked up a couple of GA - Famous Funnies today
  19. It's a limited edition print from Mondo. Only 115 made. There are a few on ebay these days. The artist's name is Jason Edmiston.