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  1. Thanks. Yeah Marvel Tales 106 looks much better than Marvel Tales 209 (but this has a great Mike Zeck cover) or Spectacular Spider-man 1000. But I do like the Wizard Ace Edition as well.
  2. Thanks. This same friend got me these for my birthday last year...
  3. I know where a 227 is for $15. But it makes me want to cry. Some *&%(S*(# took a blue ball point pen to drew all over the cover. And it's decently water damaged. That being said the cover is decent if you can look past the chicken scratch. I already own a 227 that would probably grade between a 5.0-6.0. That being said, the same shop has an Incredible Hulk 182 for $15. collectors stamp has been cut out and the cover has a very noticeable crease. Probably by the same A-HOLE Here is a pic of my 227 along with my 251. These were birthday presents last year
  4. Got these today for an early 40th birthday present
  5. He already sold the AF #15 but I believe he still have the ASM #1
  6. So this guy walks into my LCS with a shoebox like box in his hands and asked the owner of the shop if he would be interested in buying some comics. The owner is like sure. So the owner starts going through the box and he stumbles across an AF 15. The edges are a little rough but otherwise in pretty good shape. And behind that is a great looking ASM #1. He makes the guy an offer, the guy jumps at it. The shop owner calls CGC to check on procedures for getting books like this shipped as safely as possible to be graded quickly. And here is the end result. I'm not 100% on the price paid, but I know both parties were happy
  7. A local chain of comic shops puts together an overflow shop that is only open on Friday night and Saturday mornings for 4 weeks a year. You can find all kinds of things. Here are some of my finds this week. All in all I spent about $21.
  8. Thanks y'all I'll update when the book gets closer to being completed. I've been sidelined onto another project. I'm recreating the cover of Silver Surfer 4 for Tim Vigil as a birthday present.
  9. So I went back again today, mostly because my daughter was upset that I didn't get her any tpb's. SO I found her a few to keep her happy and I found these. Paid $5 for the J Scott Campbell sealed calendar paid $2 for the 1st print copy of Image First the rest were $1 each
  10. There is a local chain of comic shops that puts together this makeshift "flea market" if you will, for tons of over flow items, comics, toys, etc... The do this on Fridays nights and Saturdays for 4 weeks at the end of Summer, beginning of Fall for the last 2 years. This is week 3 for this year. I'm sure I've missed out on tons of kewl finds. But the stock rotated every day it is open. I managed to pick up these 6 books yesterday for a whopping $9
  11. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will never own an original copy. So I've decided to recreate the book in full size 12.5" x 18.5" pages. I did this cover over the weekend... now I'm working on the pages.
  12. I only have 23 more pages to go. This is part of a package that I plan to give to Stan Lee as an earlier 91st birthday present. A complete recreation of X-Men #1
  13. Did this over Labor Day weekend... 12.5" x 18.5"
  14. Some recent acquisitions Crow #1 (2nd Print - VF) picked this up for $4 Death Rattle #3 (2 copies - both signed) $5ea Deadworld #10 (VF/NM-) paid $10 on Amazon Crow Vol 1 (Tundra - 2nd Print - NM) $8 Crow Vol 2 (Tundra - 1st Print - NM+) $15 Crow Vol 3 (Tundra - 1st Print - NM+) $15 I have the same dealer holding Crow 1, 2 (2 copies) and 4, all 1st prints, all VF
  15. As much as I love this thread, it would be awesome if this forum has a Creative section. With subs for pencilers, inkers, colorists, computer artist, as well as writers sections. After all these are the basic essentials for the creation of the medium to which we all are here to collect. Penciler's Point <- baseline drawing (either traditional or computer) Brush Past It <- traditional inking (pens, brushes and quills) as well as computer inking Color by Numbers <- traditional coloring as well as computer coloring Writer's Block <- Not sure if this is really a good idea here or not. Most people probably won't share creative story ideas for fear of theft. Show Offs < the ultimate place to show off your work and maybe contests But then again, there might not be enough artist around here to warrant something like this. But who knows.
  16. I use the same ink. Its the best readily available ink around. I've been taking on quill / nibs lately. I'm trying to find the right holder because these cheap PO speedball holders for the Hunt 102 just don't do it for me. I'm looking at the Tachikawa T-40 holder now. I recently found a great place online for Copic markers and multiliners as well as refills and replacement nibs. Their prices are fantastic and they ship quickly. http://www.merriartist.com/Copic_Markers_s/269.htm
  17. Well I just passed on the chance to buy the RRP from my LCS because of an ink rub on the back cover near by the top staple. We had originally agreed to $100 but once he finally for the book and saw the crazy pricing day 1 on ebay, he changed it to $150. I might have gone $100 for it as it is, but the ink rub was just too much for me for $150. Oh well.
  18. I guess I'm in the minority here. I LOVE the 1st print covers for the Something To Fear arc. Those are the only WD books on my walls at home other than the Tony Moore covers I have. dhurley - I hate you now...
  19. My first 3 Silver Age books - Xmen 35 and 2 copies of 39
  20. So today was daddy / daughter art day in my house. My daughter loved My Little Pony... (She's 6) So she picked out one of her favorite covers (Yes we collect the comics for her - still missing the more expensive variants) and I drew the cover twice. One for her to water color and one for me to water color with her... Part 1 - reproducing most of the cover Part 2 - inked the drawing. not pictured is me lightboxing this one to make a 2nd copy real quick. Part 3 - she's painting her's while I take a break Part 4 - finished. well mostly. and yes I suck at water color too
  21. Well you were right about addicting... my 2nd GA Pre-Code and it's my 1st REAL EC!!! I love that Strange Tales 28. That's a book I would love to add to my collection some day.
  22. my 2nd GA Pre-Code and it's my 1st REAL EC!!! Now to see if I can swing a really low grade Human Torch 23