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Miracleman rarities
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Never seen a copy of 27 for sale. Would be nice to finish off the set.


I remember buying (well, my dad) and reading Warrior as they were issued. :cloud9:


I bought the originals in the 80's at the time and thought it was a step up from 2000AD and collected them until the end (#26). I always look back thinking someone should fill the gap again with something similar but maybe it didn't sell enough to be viable and late teen interest seemed to migrate to comics like Viz (which sold over 900,000 copies of each issue by the end of the 80's).


I only spotted the 1996 special sometime in the early 2000's and got hold of it more out of curiosity. The cover is a reprint from an old Eureka! fanzine from 1971 (Ewan probably has one :) ) and the comic part of the book (around 20 pages or so) features unpublished material from the 80's. Dez Skinn had been producing Comics International for some time and I guess he just decide to print some of the unused Warrior material as a flip comic to #67 (he always says "Yorkshireman never throw owt away" so I guess he wanted to make use of it but took a decade to do so; he mentioned later that this was also to maintain copyright on Warrior).


(thumbs u I remember things like Heartbreak Hotel coming along, and then Deadline and Crisis, which I loved for a while, but none of them matched up to Warrior for me.

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Very impressive collection! Certainly one of two of my prior owned pieces in there...

I think the seller has other CGC sets as there's not the no.11 9.9 in there


Have had every item in there apart from the original t-shirt and several of the New Dimension archives


Oh and I never had a 2D either - not for lack of trying mind


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p.s. while I'm here...


Do any of you guys own Fusion no.2, 4 or 6 ?


This is the British comics fanzine as follows -











So Ewan will you be listing that Fusion 4 anytime soon? Would be great on the shelf with the FE 5 I got from you awhile back;)

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If it were a stand alone promo poster it would certainly be a new find and probably worth quite a bit to the right person


However, as it's come from centrefold I'm not sure it'd be worth much - it'd be more collectible if you could indentify which comic it came from


I haven't seen before - and it also suggests there are more in the series...



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So Ewan will you be listing that Fusion 4 anytime soon? Would be great on the shelf with the FE 5 I got from you awhile back;)


Wads of cash tend to do the trick with me ;)


Serious question, has anyone bought no.2 or no.6 recently from another British seller?

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Saw the auction for these just a little earlier - first time I've ever seen them. I wonder how many sets there are out there?


I've had one set just once before, but were in much worse condition and without the year stickers


Dez did sell an EMPTY set he found in his old stock a few years back for about £300!



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this was listed a few weeks back with a $10 starting bid


it sold shortly after it was listed with an added BIN


it was the first time I ever saw one


Not sure when or how I came across it, but turns out I had one, too, and didn't even realize it! Must've picked it up at a convention back in the day. Now, if anyone can offer any guidance on the different Watchmen smiley face buttons...?

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Original vintage high grade Warrior binders housing issues no.1-24 :cloud9:

Sold by mail-order from Quality Comics










Very impressive, but why does the first volume have the mags arranged "backwards"?


Will you be changing the order? :baiting:

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