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Man, that's a strong price! I may consider putting mine up for a Best Offer kind of scenario.





Up for Grabs is Gobbledygook No 2. It is by Mirage Studios and contains story and art by Peter Laird Kevin Eastman. The date on the inside says 1984. The book is clean with no writing on the inside and is in overall great shape.There is a ad for the First issue if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the back cover.


If you need any more pics/scans please feel free to ask.


Please take a look at the photo for better details.


I will be listing many DVD's, Transformers, Gobots, Gi Joes and other great toys.


Please check out my other auctions for a variety of items.


I will combine shipping on all auction's won


If you would like a tracking number for this item, please add 1$ to the shipping and notify me of the request


Please email me with any questions.


Please make payment with 3 days of auction Close.


All Items sold as is.


This is for a Yellow Copy reprint of GobbledyGook #2, and not a Black & white version.


I'm not sure the guy knew what he had as he never lists it as a counterfeit. I don't think there's any foul play as I think the guy didn't know given that he hasn't sold much in the way of TMNT or comics. Either way, I wonder if the lack of the word "counterfeit" helped the auction. (shrug)

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Anyone here buy this counterfeit GG 2? Pretty cool. I never saw it for sale before. I was going to go up to $50, but it went way over that :cry:


How much did it go for? (I'm at work and ebay is blocked).


I had a #1 and a #2 that I sold a board member that I picked up from a local dealer a few years back and I am also from Pa. Wondering where and who made them originally.

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Can I ask....why would anyone even want a counterfeit copy? Seems like it would be worthless. It's not like there's a TMNT story inside for the curious to want to read. Just an ad on the back cover. (shrug)


While there isn't a TMNT story per se, this is the first true appearance of the Fugitoid (or rather, gobbledygook #1 is). The Fugitoid is a major character in the TMNT universe and his first adventure ends with him meeting the turtles for the first time (tying in between issues 4 and 5 of TMNT). Aside from the TMNT ad, I'd say that is a reason for TMNT collectors to want Gobbledygook 1&2.


As far as the counterfeit copies, some collectors want these as they are a piece of history in TMNT comics. Back before the internet was what it is today, Gobbledygook issues were mostly rumored and most people never saw them. When these yellow copies started surfacing, many believed them to be real and bought them up. It wasn't until it was run by the creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird that it was brought to light that these were indeed fakes. Now some collectors want them almost to say "can you believe people thought these were authentic?" If nothing else, they're a conversation piece and a much less expensive way to own a Gobbledygook copy.


That being said, there are many that agree with you about counterfeits being worthless. The conversation has been had before and there are valid points to both sides.


On a personal level, I do enjoy owning the counterfeit for what I consider to be the historical significance. In addition to the book, I've got a hand-written letter (from the 90's, I think) from Kevin Eastman stating that these were counterfeits and why. That, to me, is fun and interesting.

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Can I ask....why would anyone even want a counterfeit copy? Seems like it would be worthless. It's not like there's a TMNT story inside for the curious to want to read. Just an ad on the back cover. (shrug)


GG counterfeits are a huge part of TMNT history. Easily reproduced In the late 80's and early 90's (prior to the internet) and few people could say for sure what they truly looked like (black, yellow, blue). I picked up my yellow counterfeits on eBay back in the mid-90's but I'd known they were counterfeit (although the seller claimed they were real). Picked up a set of blue counterfeits at an antique auction a few years ago.


Why would I want counterfeits? I wanted the counterfeits for my collection.

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Good enough. Appreciate the explanation, fellas. Guess it just seemed like such an odd collectable, especially at $500+. Plus, I recall Overstreet putting a value on the Cerebus 1 counterfeit once upon a time (or was it Wizard). Then they received criticism for putting any kind of value on it at all, which they actually agreed with, and from then on no longer gave it a value marker in the book. I suppose that colored my impression of any counterfeit comics. But I see your points about them being of historical significance.

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I wanted it for $50 because I don't think I'll ever shell out the $ to get an authentic printing. Plus it would be a cool book to flip through, and a cheap way to get the "original" book since it was never reprinted in the same format. (at least I thought it would be cheap lol )


I agree that not having the word "counterfeit" in the listing may have driven up the price. Plus, the seller didn't add the blurb about it being a "reprint" until a day or so before the auction ended.


BTW, I'm included in the group of people who used to think the yellow copies were authentic.

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Nice score. I'm still looking for a #1 of these counterfeits. If you're ever looking to move the set, you know where I'll be. :)


Great addition!

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I thought this might be the appropriate place to make this announcement. A "formal" introduction of this book will be made in a book dedicated to the history of the Turtles due out later this year to commemorate the Turtle's 30th Anniversary. In the meantime, here it is...


Make way Turtlemania Gold... Announcing the rarest Turtles-related book in existence... The Gobbledygook #1 Prototype Ashcan. Before Kevin and Peter printed the smaller sized Gobbledygooks #1 & #2 that Turtles fans have come to love and covet, they experimented with printing a larger sized 8.5" x 11" issue that included all four chapters of the Fugitoid story all in one 40 page issue. You will note that the front and back covers of the book are different; additionally there are some pin-ups in this prototype ashcan that did not appear in the final versions of Gobbledygook #1 & #2.






This book came directly from Kevin's personal collection a couple years back before he moved from Los Angeles. Prior to that, I had no idea that this book even existed (as I'm sure many of you didn't either).


For those that are interested in more details... feel free to send me a PM.


Just wanted folks in the Turtles community to know about the existence of this very cool piece of Turtles history.


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