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What are the rarest romance comics?
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Well, I know a teensy bit more overall about romance than most, but that's about it. Bo_Hogg, who probably has forgot more about rare books than most people know, is correct on all of these. And comicnoir has been dabbling in the genre for years as well.


I have most of the ZD Romantic Marriage run, but I've never gotten my hands on #10.


The Marilyn Sweethearts is certainly on the top 20 rare romance. And I use the term as in, hard to find and valuable. There are many hard or impossible to find romance books, which doesn't mean you'll get $10 for them. They were just so meh that nobody bothered to hang onto one. #119 isn't like that. I bought all of the Crowley Sweethearts run, but the dealer who brought the Crowleys out, Beschara Malouf now of Nostalgic Investments and dealing primarily in OA, wouldn't include this one. I almost threatened to walk from the deal over it, but I knew my bluff would be called, so I didn't bother with the gratuitous gesture.


I did manage eventually to get my hands on a copy - in a Sweethearts small bound volume, 119 (Marilyn), 120 (I Lived in an Atom Blast Town), and 121 (Liz Taylor). I believe it was the Dentist's.




GCE 13 is of course tough. Most of the big Fox books from the 6th Street Collection certainly fall into this category. As do Negro Romance, Daring Love, It Rhymes with Lust, the tiny Comic Media Confessions of Love and Honeymoon Romances. Girl Comics 3 (Liz Taylor). There are about 20 or so one shot romance books that you'll never see, but they're not particularly valuable. Same with the early Charlton silver romance.


Bo, would you mind reposting your pics of Enchantment Visualettes for us? These were under discussion in a previous thread on this topic some years ago.

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Here's the list of toughest Baker books from the Baker thread. Accuracy definitely not guaranteed! :D


Secrets of True Love

Diary Secrets nn

All-Picture All-True Love Story 2

All-True All-Picture Police Cases 2

Giant Comics Editions 12

Romance Confession Stories

Teen-Age Diary Secrets 7

Teen-Age Diary Secrets 9

Record Book of Famous Police Cases

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Dr Love thanx for reminding me. I forgot to post this. This is # 1. I have a # 2 also but I did not scan it. Killer condition for your Sweethearts!!!!!!!!! I don't care if it is bound, it is still a work of art!!!!




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Thanks Bo.


Here's a tough one. Dell. Huge publisher, but incredibly small footprint in the romance space. Non-existent, really, as their one attempt (Four Color #324) was more of a cross-over. I hardly count this as belonging in a romance index. A decent cover, I suppose - I've certainly seen worse.


Michelle Nolan also counts Dell's two issue run of Private Secretary in her romance index. I don't count this title in mine. But the painted covers, especially this #2 with it's allover red tone, intrigue me.











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I like the Private Secretary cover. It's reminiscent of Bob Peak's style and more like a paperback cover than a comic cover.

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BOOT, great books! I believe you are the only one in the world that has a Sidewalk Romance!!!!!!!!!! I don't have any Negro Romances either. You are one of only a few people that have rare comics that I don't have. Between, you, eccomic, welcomebackpotter, esquirecomics, and myself, we may have the rarest collections in the world!

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Boot does have some great books. Shoot, everybody seems to have a copy of GCE 13 - except me! Oh well, I do have some other stuff.


I happen to have some Negro Romance, too. Not #4 though. At least, not yet.




Other than the Negro Romance group, this might be the only other black character showing up in romance until the swinging 70's.




Like Boot, I've got one of the four little Comic Media digests, although mine's a Honeymoon Romance. They are hard to find, and of course harder to find in grade.




Here's my copy of Girl Comics 3. This is as nice as I could find in 25 years of looking.




And a few bonus books for checking in. I give you the masterful Bill Ward and the inimitable Walter Johnson.



















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