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Record Magazine Prices - Throw out your Overstreet Guide!
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Wow, been a while since we've done this. Been busy as all get-out with work and life, trying to inch my way back into the hobby. Seeing some really intersting sells going on with Eerie Pubs right now. Still impossible to find VF/NM 9.0 and up on anything 1966-1970.


Weird V1 #12 1966 - VG/FN : $51

Tales from the Tomb V2 #1 1970 - FN+ : $41

Witches Tales 1969 VF- : $70

Tales from the Tomb V5 #1 1973 - NM : $60

Horror Tales V2 #5 1970 - NM : $52

Horror Tales V1 #7 1969 - VG 4.0 $265 :o :o :o

Tales from the Crypt V1 #10 1968 - FN 6.0 : $62

Tales from the Tomb V2 #5 1970 NM : $70

Tales from the Tomb V4#3 1972 VG+ : $47

Tales from the Tomb V5 #3 1973- VF/NM : $52

Horror Tales V5#4 1973 - VF : $42

Witches Tales V1 #7 1969 VF- 7.0 : $100


- b :insane: unty






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How do you make those screen grabs ?

Those are some crazy prices.

Weren't a bunch of these warehouse find issues ?


Windows 7 has a snip it tool built in to allow you to grab them. Else you could do a Print Screen (hit the "prt sc" button on your keyboard) then go into MS Paint and do CTRL+P (to paste) your screen grab there. Then you can crop just what you want, save it, then upload it :)


I havn't heard anything really about wherehouse finds on Eerie publications. I'd love to hear if anyone has details. Though 7 years ago or so, I did grab a bunch of Eerie's from a fella in New Jersey via the internet, and there were a few duplicates in there of issues in HG. That's the closest I know of buying a group of these in HG. The books I got from the guy didn't have any pre 1970 issues though. I'd be suprised if there were pre 1970 Wherehouse finds of these given how few I have seen of these pop up in that era in grades even remotely cared for.


- b :insane: unty

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Windows 7 has a snip it tool built in to allow you to grab them.

I should probably just look this up, but how does the Windows 7 snip-it tool work?


Hehe, no worries. Click on your start menu and type in "snip". You will see "Snipping Tool" show in the list. Click it and your ready to go, it even lists instructions in the box.


Now if your a bounty_coder you'll assign a shortcut combo to that mutha by right clicking it; going to the shortcut key box and typing "S".


Once that is Applied you can just hit CTRL+ALT+S going forward and the Snipper will pop right up at your beckoning (thumbs u


- b :insane: unty

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If the GoTG movie turns RR into a Spongebob/TMNT type phenomenon with kids, then this might look cheap. If the movie ends up being Howard the Duck meets Green Lantern, then folks are going to go back to buying this for the cool Satana cover for 5% of that price.

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This book is going Nuclear right now. Probably the hottest a Magazine sized format comic has ever gotten.





- bounty

Have this in NM- any thought as to FMV?


Git that sucka CGC'zzled. Last NM- 9.2 went for $600 and NM+ 9.6 went for $1,009 so... $600 ish? (shrug) (thumbs u



- b :screwy: unty

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