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Afternoon pence people.

We're still stuck on 3,001 pence printed Marvels I'm afraid :taptaptap:, so don't forget to check the 'missing list' I posted earlier on to see if you have any hitherto undiscovered pence copies stashed away.

One thing that I find amusing with our pence copies is the 'one off issue' titles. The titles where, for reasons unknown, someone decided to solicit only one pence copy for us over here. One of the best is 'Vault of Evil' #23. I picked up this beaten up copy a while back:



Nice cover, and I love what our endangered lass here is doing with her hands. Possibly, she's attempting to scare off her ghoulish suitor with a little shadow puppetry?

So, 23 issues and all we get is the last one:



I like to think it was the UK's rejection of the title that forced it's cancellation. Such is the might of the UK buyer hm

The Comic Book Price Guide website kind of confirms the scenario....


....but I do wish they would steer away from concentrating on what was 'non-distributed' as opposed to what was printed with a sole pence price. That way confusion lies.

Still, a nice addition to the pence parade :headbang:



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Being an ex-Spidey Completist, I never really collected many non-super hero titles (apart from Outlaw Kid #10 as I recall, which had Spidey on the cover for some reason). My pence research opened my eyes to the beauty of many of the western titles.

Here's a few pictures, just because they're nice :headbang:

I posted this one in the 'PGM My...' section. No one did of course - nobody likes me 593be18626643_DogLikeSparkyCSMBAvatar.png.c9c368058dddfed6e8bf5216aa51db78.png- but who cares when she's this pretty :cloud9:



Thorpe & Porter!  :headbang::headbang:



Thorpe & Porter!  :headbang::headbang:



Gunsmoke Western Pence Copies.... Come on down! Image result for leslie crowther the price is right

The 'Price' is indeed RIGHT!




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8 hours ago, Derrico said:

I could be totally wrong on this but, I see the posted message states that there are no pence giant size comics.  I have a star wars #2.  I also have a regular size doctor strange 9p #9.

Hello @Derrico 

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the boards.

When I said there are no 'Giant Sized' pence Marvels I meant the titles like these from 1974 and 1975:



Your Star Wars #2 might be a non-comic sized book, which aren't in the scope of my research. Post a picture if you can and we'll discuss it. Cheers (thumbsu



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15 hours ago, Derrico said:

Thanks for the info.  Here are a couple pics.  I have about 30 issues.  Thanks!imageproxy.php?img=&key=31b352271b3a5a4bimageproxy.php?img=&key=31b352271b3a5a4b



Excellent, thanks @Derrico - I suspected they'd be Treasury Editions. Thanks for posting the pictures. I didn't include them in my research as I was concentrating on 'regular comic sized' books. Now I see them though, I think I may as well have a go at documenting them too. I had all the Spidey ones back in the day, pence and cents, so may have a few scans already somewhere. Anyway, stay in touch, as it's always nice to talk to people without any cents (thumbsu

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40 minutes ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

Glad you had fun! Those pic's show a lot of books!! At least you stayed true to your purpose!! Pencing and all :) 


The fairs are always fun, even though they're on the wain. I'm still waiting for that elusive 'new dealer' with tons of old pence westerns to show up. Where is that bloke? I mean, it's not too much to ask is it after 40 bloody years? ?

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Good news Pence Friends!

Another book off the missing list - Gunsmoke Western #59:



Aint she purdy!

So, we now have 3,002 confirmed Marvel Pence Variants :headbang::headbang:



I'd almost given up hope of any Gunsmoke Western's existing between issues 59 and 65 but, like the Flash 208 in my DC Pence Variant Thread (see link in my signature line below), there's always hope for a new discovery :cloud9:



Here's the updated missing list:



Happily, this book is an L Miller copy, so I'll be updating my L Miller thread soon!

Yeehaar!  :headbang:


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22 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

Also...nice pick up of those two issues off to the side of that man from uncle paperback  !!

Sorry, I didn't see those. I just couldn't take my eyes off the MFU book Related image


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23 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

what is and How much is 9d ?


That would stand for '9 Donkeys' @1950's war comics

In the old days before money we would buy comics with farmyard animals. A head of sheep could bring in a nice book or two....

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5 minutes ago, Marwood & I said:

Sorry, I didn't see those. I just couldn't take my eyes off the MFU book Related image


I was moe entranced by those Journey into Fear.Looked to be fair prices as well.

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2 minutes ago, porcupine48 said:

I was moe entranced by those Journey into Fear.Looked to be fair prices as well.

Some pretty books indeed Jim. How I wish I hadn't been an ASM Completist sometimes. Think of what I could have bought instead....

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Morning my Pence Brethren! 5960a707208ac_CARDIACS_DAYISGONESEANYMPHS7-463323.jpg.0ea78dc6c3a3a4ffa6bda2601039553f.jpg

It's a rare day when I have some time to mull over comics. Further to my 'L Miller' 9d Gunsmoke Western find a few posts back, I've been thinking about the issues for that title on my Pence Copy Missing List here:



You'll see that I've yet to discover a pence printed copy of Gunsmoke Western 60,61,62,63,64,65,69,70,71 and 73.

If we link the information we have about L Miller indicia copies of Gunsmoke Western here...

....we can conclude the following:

  1. Thorpe & Porter did not solicit the title Gunsmoke Western from the cover date of May 1960 (#58), the cover date that the first 9d printed Marvel comics arrived in the UK
  2. L Miller did solicit the title from May 1960 (#58) up to at least cover date July 1961 (#65)
  3. The first printed 9d / Thorpe & Porter indicia copy of Gunsmoke Western that I have is number 72, cover dated September 1962 (at some point, L Miller stopped and Thorpe & Porter took over all Marvel solicitations)

Within the number range 58 to 65 I have found 5 L Miller Indicia copies so far:

  • #58 - printed 9d cover price
  • #59 - printed 9d cover price
  • #60 - printed 10c cover price
  • #63 - printed 10c cover price
  • #65 - printed 10c cover price

Here they are:







So the pattern suggests the first two were 9d printed copies with the next three that I have found being 10c printed copies with cover stamps and the additional L Miller indicia data. The purpose of this rambling is to support my theory that pence printed copies for Gunsmoke Western numbers 60 to 65 probably don't exist because:

  • L Miller were the only publisher importing them from 58 to at least 65 (Thorpe & Porter's first confirmed indicia copy being #72)
  • The L Miller copies from #60 are all cents printed copies

The only way a 9d printed copy of Gunsmoke Western #60-65 can exist, would be if Thorpe & Porter imported them alongside L Miller, or if L Miller imported a mix of cents and pence printed copies. Both seem unlikely.

Now, did any of that old carp make any sense? 5960a6e514334_DogLikeSparkyCSMBAvatar.png.7960e12b4a9d467d362410e38222d239.png


As I slowly fill the gaps on this title, the picture should become clearer. I hope!

All good fun :headbang:

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