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Here are some scans of the books I mentioned earlier...


Here's the J.I.M. THOR #125 I got from jscomics listed as an 8.5. I think it's overgraded, but I'm still happy with the purchase. This was my first time buying from jscomics since having read about him as a recommended dealer here on the forum. Let me know what you think of his grading...



Here's a Wrightson Swamp Thing #5 graded at 8.5...



...and a #13 he had graded at 9.4 (however, I discovered a pressure crease on upper back cover corner)...



And from an entirely different dealer, two nice pick-ups from the 50's GA...

a very nice higher grade G.I. Combat with quite brilliant colors...

ihnp-338174.jpg & an Excellent Blackhawk Cover! 893applaud-thumb.gifihnp-338179.jpg

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None were listed on any sites.


The beauty of the forum is NETWORKING. tongue.gif


There is no Comic Mafia, there is no Comic Mafia, there is no Comic Mafia.... gossip.gif


Youse best shut yer piehole, Steverino, or yer gonna be sleepin' wit' da fishes!


Don Legitimate Businessman Alan

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I picked up a few books from Goldust last weekend. They're on the way and should arrive this week. (Hope I didn't just jinx myself 893crossfingers-thumb.gif)


Amazing Spider-Man #144 - NM- laugh.gif


Batman #227 - VF cloud9.gifcloud9.gifcloud9.gif

Shock Suspenstories #6 - F yay.gifyay.gifyay.gif

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Just arrived tuesday from Heritage... #91 is damn hard to find and under valued. #85 was just a good deal. There would be more, but a chunk of money just went out for a commissioned repro of the #91 cover.





These books are awesome~ headbang.gif BUT------The question IS...When will we get to see this "comissioned repro #91 cover"?!?!?!?!?!?! 893whatthe.gifinsane.gif893whatthe.gifinsane.gif893whatthe.gifpopcorn.gif

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