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UPDATED: My Nominee for the "First Great Comic Collector"
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So who is my nominee for the title of the "First Great Comic Collector"?

Before I say, a quick digression.  

Not so long ago I sought out and bought a 45 record from 1956.  I was ecstatic to get this record because the singer, Dave Jay, had written on the label:

"You've never heard of me - But you will!"


I was ecstatic to get this record because that sentence sums up one of the themes of the research I was doing into my nominee for the "First Great Comic Collector."  

Especially because Dave Jay is that comic collector.


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"Wait!," you say, "how can 'Dave Jay' be the 'First Great Comic Collector' when I've never heard of him?"

Easily answered, my friends.

"Dave Jay" is not this collector's real name.  It is just one of many nom de plume's (or it is aka's) used by this collector.  He was known by more names than some western bank robbers.

Indeed, as far as I can tell, he never appears to have used his real name.  The only time I've seen it was on his birth announcement and on his obituary.

His real name was "Sidney."

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1 hour ago, sfcityduck said:

Second, look at the comic storage.  All of his comics are very neatly stacked and separated in their respective cubes.  Clearly, they are organized. 

For sure, and those cubes are made of re-purposed fruit crates, which were abundant in the 40's.

It's really a remarkable photo and in many ways.  :cloud9:

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9 minutes ago, aardvark88 said:

Biljo White and Ronn Foss contributed to expanding early comic fandom via Alter Ego zines:


They sure did!  And one of the things that we'll discuss later is whether Dave had any involvement with the burgeoning comic fanzine scene in the early 1960s.  

I think you and everyone else be surprised!

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