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HELP! Need some input on a TMNT #1 trade offer...................
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5 hours ago, profholt82 said:

1st print TMNT 1s are legit rare, and especially rare in high grade. There are tons more FF1s in circulation by comparison. You have to do what's right for you and your wife,  but don't lose sight of that fact. Procuring another TMNT1 in similar condition will be no easy feat. 

Agreed, plus that 7.5 for 12K seems like a low price... I think those could easily shoot over 20k .


Plus turtles are much cooler then FF. 

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over the last 30 years I think everything that could possibly be done to my house has been done.  By far the best thing I ever did was to have the kitchen redone and the addition added to it.  Besides the monetary value added to the house, just the benefit of having/using it over the last 15 years would outstrip the value of the comic to me. People spend a lot of time in their kitchen.  Adding in that you will still have a mega key, I'd go for the kitchen.

Now if it could be financed thru a loan or some other means, that would sway me to keep the book deal with the payments.

Good luck

PS I also agree that turtles are cool!

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Hmmm...any other book I would say sell it. I'm inclined to hodl the turtle book cuz that's what I'm doing with mine. I read a post years ago where a collector had decided to sell a key to buy some rims/tires for his whip. He was derided in public but bought his wheels anyway. I always wonder how long they lasted and how much he could have potentially made by hodling instead of selling. In this case we know the book is heading to the moon so the longer you hold the better the outcome. I would sell something that is not increasing at the rate this one is and get your kitchen that way... 2c

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58 minutes ago, pubmonkey said:

...There's a reason you have been made this offer. You don't over-offer for something that is not going to be worth much more later... The dealer knows the upside of this book...

Agreed.  You will regret it. Though your wife does cloud the picture.  Should have probably kept your mouth shut.

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16 minutes ago, whetteon said:

I have a TMNT #1 CGC 8.5.  Make me an offer I can't refuse and I already own a FF #1 and $21K is way to low...hm

One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.

I sure someone will take that 25k off my hands at some point.  

Chinese Proverb

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23 hours ago, I am not Glenda said:

To be 100% honest I own a business and this would be processed through our accountant at the end of the year, so the tax aspect of the trade is really irrelevant to me. I sincerely thank you for your suggestions & input. However, I was really looking for some guidance in regard to the actual aspect of the trade as both books are very HOT right now but as noted a 2.5 FF #1 while not cheap (15/16k?) is not uncommon but the offer also includes 21k which would mean I am selling a 9.0 signature for apx 36k which seems very fair to me? So while I don't want to really part with the TMNT book it's a very legit offer based on what I have seen of recent sales? The cash while not needed would be a help to update my kitchen which is from when the home was built in 1997. I just have this feeling I am going to regret selling the book and that's why I came here among fellow collectors who I would bet have been in the same spot more then a few times.

“I just have this feeling I am going to regret selling the book”

You’ve answered your own question.

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