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Your single favorite Bronze Age Cover: You must only pick one
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What’s your single most favorite Bronze Age cover and you must only pick one. Please do not pick more than one cover. Please do not post a cover if you can’t decide which one cover is your favorite. The purpose of this exercise is to have you ponder about which Bronze Age cover is your favorite and it may present a challenge for some who cannot decide. Posting multiple covers with “these are my favorites” or “I can’t decide so here they are” defeats the purpose of this thread. 



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On 11/23/2021 at 10:02 AM, MAR1979 said:

Totally Impossible to narrow down to 10 but to pick 1 is impossible!   So I will choose a cover that had impact on me. The first time I came across this comic as a child the cover mesmerized me. It could very well been the first time I looked a comic cover as "art". It barely makes the Bronze Age cut-off.

Big John Pencils and Milgrom inks, the incredible design was Cockrum. Thanks to the CAF member who posted that Cockrum pre-lim!


Great cover! I used to love the way Buscema and other artists would incorporate those black "dots/splatters" in the energy/force fields etc. Never really knew what they were called but the effect was grand.

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On 11/23/2021 at 10:40 AM, THE_BEYONDER said:

I love when Pete uses his powers out of costume, and have always loved this cover :cloud9:C0A7EE30-66E8-4E7E-A634-3B0D655AF806.jpeg.e81ac853621dd48a1ab94b7f806ee42a.jpeg

Pollard does not get adequate credit IMHO, from 1978-1980 he hit a stride of excellent cover work on  ASM, FF, Cap and Thor. yet most in the art world seem to only recall his earlier and later work which many see as not as "good".

This is not the topic to start posting examples. Perhaps I'll start a separate Pollard Cover thread. Something like "Present Your Pollard's"


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On 11/23/2021 at 2:18 PM, davidtere said:

Every month I would look forward to reading Sub Mariner with Bill Everett (mostly) at the helm (nautical pun intended). From issue # 50 until this cover I couldn't wait, and once purchased, I would ride my trusty Stingray (the bike...not the car) home and devour the latest issue, page after page over and over again. 

Bill only did the cover on this one, but he went 'all out' and I have loved it ever since. It broke my heart when I learned he had passed and I knew that his greatness would be seen no more outside of back issues. 

Is it my absolute favorite? I thought about all of the choices and kept coming back to this one. 


It's a very cool cover, but the idea that Thor could connect with Namor's jaw and not completely level him is pretty hilarious to me.

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On 11/23/2021 at 10:09 AM, Randall Ries said:

Now, always and forever. This is the second cover I first noticed by Neal Adams. The very first was Superman #250 but Bat #244 wipes the floor with that cover. In spite of the glaring mistake, it's very well done.


Do you blame the colorist?  Or do you blame Adams for not penciling in some leg hair?

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