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2nd Chance Offer - eBay - Reasonable?
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I recently received a second chance offer from eBay for an item, I didn't win. I was the second highest bidder. Turns out, the person who won (I'll refer to them as Buyer-A), didn't have the money to pay. The seller, an established business, extended an offer to purchase the comic at the bid amount I entered before I lost, not at the amount Buyer-A won with. Here are the facts: the only person who bid above me was Buyer-A. And I increased my bid 2 times, technically 3 times. Let me explain:

Me: bid $500

Me: bid $600 because I really wanted the item

Buyer-A: outbids me

Me: bid $620 - eBay says I need to bid higher

Me: bid $630 - eBay says I need to bid higher

Buyer-A: wins at $640

The seller is offering my the price of $630. I (actually my ego) is inclined to turn it down and ask for a lower price. At lease at the point Buyer-A started bidding. Or, if I want to be somewhat unreasonable, my first bid of $500 since the only person who bid afterwards was Buyer-A.

All advice welcomed.

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If the book is under GPA then why not purchase it, especially if you really like the book.

Given the number of new deadbeats on ebay not paying, you're probably going to lose out on a good item, especially if the seller is reputable.  Counter offering him may very well lose you the deal.  If it were me, I would take the deal if all I mentioned applies.

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On 4/26/2022 at 2:20 AM, Lightning55 said:

This happens to me now and then, getting a 2nd chance offer after a non-paying bidder bales out.  It's a weird situation.  I usually message the seller and explain that the auction was tainted due to the non-paying bidder illegitimately causing the bids to increase.  No one knows what the true outcome was supposed to be.

The problem you have now is that the seller knows you were willing to pay $630.  On a relist, he could easily have someone shill the bid to $620, knowing you will come in at $630.  So you are still paying $630 if you want it.

Most times there is no good resolution to this.  On a relist, if you bid even $550, you will probably be outbid.  Either legitimately, or not.

Knowing all this, it boils down to whether you really should spend $630 on that item.  If not, take your chances on a relist.  You may not win, but maybe another will come along.

And what if the seller doesn't relist knowing that the market is hot now.  He may decide to hold off, especially if it's a key book under GPA.  May be a case of, you snooze, you lose. 

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Thank you all for the advice. I do not believe there was any malice on the seller's part. I provided the same explanation above and counter-offered with my original bid amount. I added that if they did not accept it, I would completely understand and hold no ill will. 

Let's see what happens.

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Sounds like SHILL bidding ebay is crazy with it and there's nothing anyone can do about it, seller has another account and bids up the auction once he see's there's another interested party if the interested party stops bidding and doesn't BITE for the higher bid it's always the winner failed to bid or decided he didn't want it. I get these offers all the time it's a complete joke 1 outta 10 might be legit.


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I fell into a sus bidding trap before. Wanted to spend only $350, but was bid up to $4-something. Second chance was $380, IIRC. I bought it, but I wish I could have declined based on principle. It's not a common book, so I didn't really have the luxury of turning it down at the time.

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On 4/26/2022 at 8:38 AM, jsilverjanet said:

From a sellers perspective as this has happened to me multiple times

i send the 2nd chance offer since you’ve told me what you were willing to pay - that’s your max bid

if you don’t want to pay it, that’s fine, I’ll relist. I’m only offering it because you expressed interest in the item and bid on it 

sometimes it’s that plain and simple, nothing nefarious 

what happens in a scenario where the winning bidder is also the third bidder right below the underbidder?

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