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Nominating mdean2437 for 2 month old change of heart bogus paypal dispute!
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I would like to report fraud/deceit from a board member that purchased a book from me 2 months ago for $2,425.  Werewolf by Night 32 raw 7.5 which he agreed looked better than described which was why he purchased it to get it graded and make a sizable margin due to my discount for being raw from an original owner collection I had just purchased.  He was happy with the book, but nearly 2 month later after JUST BARELY unsuccessfully trying to sell it on ebay (per his own words below) still raw and needing cash to take care of other people (see his own words below), tried to pull a bogus paypal dispute saying first he wan't sure if/when he got it, then later it was materially not as described.   That was a first for me as he was happy with the book for the PRIOR 2 months and I told him per my listing that I only take books back 14 days unconditionally even due to change of heart etc, although after being requested by him, I agreed I would guarantee it would come back unrestored by CGC which he at first accepted and would ASAP remove the bogus paypal dispute claim and send in for grading.  However, then he decided he would break that promise to remove the fake paypal complaint and and rather go the bogus paypal dispute route to try and swindle me and keep a $2,425 book AND also get reimbursed by paypal with all my now held funds from this unfounded and bogus not as described paypal dispute.  My funds are now being held by paypal while they do their research, I have now given them the tracking and all communication so hopefully they realize how dishonest this guy is. You are welcome to read all our communication back and forth between me and mdean2437 below as these highlights sum it up best. (note, this guy even bought several more sizable books from me as recent as a couple weeks ago and still never mentioned any issues with the WWBN 32 from 2 months ago until it suited him and he needed the cash!)  First he just started out he wanted to return the book, then when I said that time past, it morphed into there might be something wrong with it, worried about restoration due to some other books he got hurt on when submitting to CGC.  We both agreed he could send it to CGC and I would guarantee no restoration.  However, as soon as I asked for new scans of the book to make sure the book had not been damaged or tampered with before being sent to CGC/third party, he ghosted me, never responded and advanced his paypal claim to the next level in hopes I would keep giving him more time to cancel his bogus paypal dispute so they could rule in his favor before I uploaded all my evidence.  RED FLAGS!


Replied: Thursday at 12:40 PM

Are you certain this is unrestored.  I have been stating at what has turned out to be a rash if books  anyway the lower left something is off.  I would like to return this book if possible 

Plus if I'm right I'm going to need every penny I can Taking care of people.  If a return is acceptable please give me your address. If you respond quick enough I'll ship today along with other stuff.

I have not sold it. You will revive it in the mail. Look. its on ebay but I cant end the auction since there are less than 12 hours left. I will end cancel the transaction from the buyer. Sorry and thank you. 

On Thu, Apr 28, 2022, 7:36 PM Terry Lutz <tlutz33@juno.com> wrote:

I gave you a generous 14 day return policy, you said the book looked even better than the grade I gave it.  I know it is not restored, its been locked away in a basement since the 1980s.  If you wanted to sell it easier you should have CGC graded it, I sold it at a big discount because I was willing to pass that savings onto you to save time and expense of CGC grading.  You can't just keep the book for 2 months, try to sell it on ebay and when it does not sell for a big profit (because you never sent it to CGC for grading) change your mind and try to return it to me.  If you buy and take a car off the dealer lot and 2 months later after driving it around decide you maybe should not have spent your money on a car, you can't just take it back to the dealer and ask for you money back.  I have all of this information about your acceptance of the book's condition and I can send it and your information that you have been trying to sell it on ebay to paypal and the CGC board moderators since you have been unreasonable in trying to force this return through paypal a full 2 months later after a well documented change of heart and in addition, it appears you must have two different CGC board member accounts.

 To save you from getting black listed on the CGC boards and with paypal, I would recommend you remove your false paypal claim of item not as described, go get the book CGC graded ASAP and you will likely get your money back and then some after re-listing it as a graded book which I know was your original intentions all along.  (multiple times having guaranteed I would take a return if it ever came back restored as I know for sure it was not unless he tampers with it)

mdean2437 (Marcus Dean)

Replied: March 9 (old post showing he thought the book looked great after I sent him a scan of a CGC 8.0 that looked super similar)

  • Awesome thank you.  I will use it.  I already thought it was a higher a grade myself. 

For him to release his bogus dishonest paypal dispute, I said I would be happy to guarantee it was unrestored as verified by CGC or other 3rd party, but also asked he send me a new scan to make sure it had not been damaged or tampered with since he received it, that was the last time I have heard from him on multiple attempts (RED FLAGS!) and he has since elevated his paypal dispute so it appears he never intended to remove his false paypal claim and send into CGC like he had promised me multiple times on the CGC boards PM and personal emails.

Book is from an original owner collection stored in the retail storefront dealers basement since the early 80s. The book is not restored and the buyer had zero problems with it until I said the time for change of heart returns were past at the 14 day mark, not the 2 month mark, then suddenly its not as described as he wants to back out now with an abusive and bogus paypal claim after already telling me he just needed the money and it was just barely for sale on ebay and he was going to take down to return to me!   CGC board members that try to abuse the system with lies and deceit for a bogus paypal scam 2 months after a sale should at the very least be put on probation.
PAYPAL: Item details
Item name:
We're wolf by NIght 32
Item description:
We're wolf by NIght 32
Not as described
Issue type:
Different item - MATERIAL
Issue description:
I'm not sure what kind of scam is going on. The seller said he didn't sell it to me The tracking number didn't work for me not sure why it a comic did arrive but there seems to be various things wrong with it not disclosed. I am not sure when it was delivered as the tracking number didn work for me maybe it will you so the date i select is random

Wow, this was hard, the tracking number was right there in the PM I gave you!

Tracking Number: RB665522166US

Your item was delivered to an individual at the address at 11:27 am on March 18, 2022 in HARTSELLE, AL 35640.


Delivered, Left with Individual

March 18, 2022 at 11:27 am


THIS GUY IS BAD NEWS AND A STAIN AGAINST HONEST BUYERS/SELLERS ON THE BOARDS!  Any collector with some experience collecting big books like this can look at this book and tell there are no signs of restoration, what a freaking liar to make this up for a paypal dispute nearly 2 months later as he now needs the money and after not getting the money he wanted out of it in an ebay auction!

wwbn 32.jpg

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so technically I think you are supposed to inform him directly that the nomination has been made

is that correct people?

maybe he'll come along now and make the point moot

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On 5/3/2022 at 7:16 PM, wombat said:

This is HOS worthy if true as presented. 


On 5/3/2022 at 10:45 PM, jsilverjanet said:

This is very troubling especially if this is exactly has presented.   Does @mdean2437 have anything to add?

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These are the type of shenanigans that are making Paypal a nightmare for honest sellers. I recently bought a book from a seller and he told me that Paypal is holding the funds until he can prove the book is legit, show proof of ownership, etc. I was naive and put the item description in the notes as requested, but either way, the seller shouldn't have to jump through multiple hoops to get their money; but it's dishonest buyers like this that ruin the process for everyone.

I appreciate that Paypal is trying to protect buyers, but when they go too far it ruins the entire purpose of a payment gateway. Not to mention that they had no issue taking my money right away, yet holding it until the seller can meet their demands. I have no doubt that (alleged, to be fair I guess) scammers like this are the issue. Good luck to the OP if all this is true as presented.

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And some people wonder why more sellers are asking for checks.  :fear:

This is horrid on the face of it. Hopefully the accused surfaces with their side of things, because if they have no reasonable defense and the above statement is true then they are not good people. 

I hope it works out for the seller and PayPal doesn't screw them.

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