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What's your best Team Up memory?
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Sometimes our heroes receive a special guest, whats your best memory? mention the book in question.

And you can also say the team up which never happened but you want to see a day.


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On 5/25/2023 at 2:20 PM, Cman429 said:

Spidey’s MTU title was the first comic I ever subscribed to. For whatever reason, my favorite issue was the one where he teamed with Jack of Hearts. Ever since then Jack has been my all time favorite bizarre utterly forgotten character. If I was James Gunn, he’d be my Polka Dot Man.


Possibly what held him back was that creators were reluctant to use a character with a costume quite that difficult to draw. It’s a tough one.

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I got to thinking more about the 100 pagers from DC that I loved as a kid back in the 70s, and my favourite run was the Archie Goodwin-edited Detective Comics; great new stories and an inspired selection of reprints.

The Goodwin / Simonson Manhunter serial is extremely memorable, especially the conclusion, Götterdämmerung, in which Manhunter teams up with Batman.

Widely recognised as an all-time classic, and I agree.


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The two that come to mind immediately are GI Joe and the Oktober Guard in GI Joe #6 & 7 (pretty obvious from my profile pic, but not really a superhero book) and Spider-Man and the X-Men in Marvel Team-Up #150.

These probably would not be on anyone else's top ten lists, but I read them multiple times very early in my collecting days, and they really left an impression.  I still love both stories. (thumbsu

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On 5/25/2023 at 3:36 PM, Hes Dead Jim said:

i'm pretty fond of the spiderman and powerman teamup because it's the first one i bought

my favorite though has to be spiderman, scarlet witch, vision and doctor doom vs. cotton mather

Dr doom?!:ohnoez:

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On 5/25/2023 at 3:11 PM, Ken Aldred said:

Silver Age classic.

Doctor Fate, one of my all-time favourite characters, teams up with the Golden Age Green Lantern and Hourman against a ferocious, intimidating Solomon Grundy.

Some of Murphy Anderson’s best ever artwork.

An old school pick.


Also, the most memorable team-up reprint from the 100 pagers back in the 70s when I started reading comics as a kid.

This one is absolutely amazing:x

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I've posted about it before, but this is one of the first comics I bought "off the rack" and still have (the other being ASM #62). Great story with mistaken identities, a severely underpowered Thor and plenty of one-on-one battles.  I read the carp out of this book (obviously) and I give it credit for my love of Marvel Team-Up later on.


FF - 73 - 1.jpg

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