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I have the complete raw run of Thor. Starting with Journey Into Mystery #83 through the current title run. So far I have 109 Thor books graded. My goal is to slab my whole Thor collection.

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New Grade

I sent in a CBCS Thor book I acquired off eBay 10/22/2016. It was a 3.5. It came back today from CGC and had a new grade of 4.0. Very pleased with the new grade.



1st Comic was a Thor book

My very first comic book was Thor #282. My stepdad got it for me when I was 5 going on 6 in April 1979. I was fascinated with the stories of Asgard and continued collecting Thor until I joined the Army January 5th, 1993. A lot of my collection was lost except for Thor #282. I started back up collecting comics in the Summer of 2000. Last year I sent my beloved book in to CGC to get pressed and graded. It came back a 9.0. I was very happy with the grade considering how long I have had that book in