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  1. Awesome book! (I love the Australian version) 1.8
  2. I'm really struggling with the 5.0 on that Wow#1. I mean, tears, creasing, staining, bad corners on the back side. Is it just that super old books are graded on a different scale?
  3. Appreciate it! I’ll probably just keep it as is - I bought it decades ago as a kid so it has an awful lot of nostalgic value. ❤️
  4. I think I agree with your father about selling raw. I think a 9.2 is possible, but based on recent sales on ebay ($160-200) I don't know that you're going to see much of an ROI once you factor in all of the grading/pressing/shipping expenses.
  5. This is (hopefully) a higher resolution shot of the front cover.
  6. It's apparent for the last ~4 pages. I tried to show how it decreased from page to page in picture 9. What confuses me though is the cover. I can't find any evidence of water damage on the inside of the front cover, but it definitely looks like there's something on the "big premiere issue" badge.
  7. Pretty sure the water damage relegates this to "beater" status, but I'm curious how much. (I'm still very much learning here) It presents pretty well from the front, but the back..... Anyway, appreciate your thoughts and input.
  8. Interesting read. Appreciate you posting the link.
  9. Here’s an attempt at a higher resolution pic with outdoor light. Edit: there's a little bit of staple rust on the top staple too now that I look again.
  10. Only imperfection I can spot is a tiny dent between the surfer's fist and shoulder (center, picture 6). How bad does that hurt me? Thanks for looking
  11. I feel like they're going to hit you hard for the stain at the top. I had a book come back a 6.0 with a smaller, less visible stain on an otherwise cleaner book. 5.5-6.0 feels like a hard ceiling for me, more likely around 5.0
  12. I think a clean and press helps the back in particular.
  13. 5.0 I learned the hard way that they crush you for stains. I got knocked down to a 6.0 for a smaller stain on a cleaner book.
  14. I didn’t guess way back then, but I’ll guess 8.0-8.5
  15. I think this is a perfect sum up. The CGC standard feels somewhat inappropriate if you’re to consider how these books would likely be received raw “in the wild”, but it’s still the [known] standard. Submit at your peril. Thanks for all the thoughts/insights everyone.
  16. Fair. If them’s the rules, them’s the rules. Feels harsh though to take a 3(?) point deduction for something that you can barely see on an otherwise VF+ book.
  17. Not much, but yes there is something. I also found the raw photos the presser took befor sending it off if that helps.
  18. Grader Notes stain right bottom of front cover light creasing to cover The "light creasing" has to be the spine roll. There's no creasing. The stain has to be the dot on the "E". Neither I nor the LCS owner who pressed/submitted on my behalf can find anything else. I am, of course, no expert on grading and I am biased because I've had this book in my PC for over 30 years and I love it, but I just don't see how anyone looks at this book and says "Yeah, that's a [grade it got]" Appreciate you looking.
  19. I wasn't aware until reading the Conan 11 thread that there's an appeal process and that appeals were even possible. (Thanks @scburdet, TIL) I recently graded this one and it got a Grader's note said cover staining, which after inspection is probably on the "E" in the last picture. Everything is nice and tight, no missing pages or anything like that. It has a little bit of spine roll, but no creases anywhere. Pages are OW to W. What would you grade this at? Should I appeal?
  20. Nice gloss, really vibrant colors. Could definitely benefit from a press. Thanks for looking.