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  1. Thanks for the Batman Adventures #12! Easy to work with and solid packing!
  2. I would like a spot. I will contact you with a cover request in the morning. Thank you!
  3. Ghost Rider Dell'Otto pg 5, Veronica #153 pg 9, Scooby Doo Team-up #21 pg 9, Detective Comics #23.2 pg 9, After-Life w/ Archie #7 pg 13, Silk #3 pg 13 Thank you
  4. Rich, may I please have the two Artgerm/Houser Harley and Ivy books?
  5. Thank you! I did a quick look but didn't see anything Mods, feel free to close this thread
  6. Has anybody seen the new CGC video? Is CGC implementing a new grading scale with current 9.8s now becoming 8.5s? Here is the link to the video At the 22 sec mark you can see some of the new grade/grading scale examples.... So many questions
  7. I'm trying to find the covers of Harley Quinn the first series, #26 and later, when they changed over from the famous Dodsons and Barberi. Are there any leads out there? Contact me if you are interested in selling them or have a lead to a seller. I already have #30 Thank you
  8. Thanks for the great items and shipping! It was unfortunate that the USPS decided to toss the package around like they did! Regardless, Jeff did right by me and refunded me part of the sale at no request from me! Thank you!!
  9. Claim, sorry about the font style, cut n paste issue. Thanks Lot 1 ASM 1 Midtown NM Lot 3 Bad Girls 1 NM League Extra Gent x2 NM Lot 5 Spidergirl NM Lot 9 4 Kids NM Batman Jason Lives NM Lot 11 Vampirella 1 NM Dave Stevens poster Lot 12 X-23 1 nm? X-23 2 nm? Lot 14 Silk 2 NM Lot 15 Harley Quinn 1 NM Lot 16 Justice League United 2 Lucia NM
  10. I didn't see them taken, so for the Harley Little Black Book and the X-Men #1 Campbell cover, please.
  11. I understand the turnaround times are listed as longer for Pre-screens. Usually from October until March, the times are usually really good since most of the cons are completed by then.
  12. @Topnotchman The reason I started the experiment is because I sent in a 30 piece set, pre-screened 9.8. Once it arrived they split the set into 25 and 5. The 5 piece was completed 16 days before the rest of the order, given a different submission number (one number off -08/-09), etc. I would disagree that a Pre-screen should add more time. I am still looking for 9.8. There isn't much of a difference for 9.6 to 9.8+, small but not much. Both orders should go through the same process, with a grader looking at book X Y and Z. Yet once they determine one doesn't make the cut, it would get set aside and time would be saved as it would not require sealing, labeling, and slabbing. Sending them through separate channels would be counterproductive to grading. As the books should be getting graded by a person with only their determined score being the difference. Even still, it would be better if grader knew ahead of time if an order is a pre-sceen request. That would save them time too. As once the grader finds a flaw, or enough flaws, the book can be set aside, job done, next book up, no more grading, and no further paperwork required. CGC is getting paid to grade each book regardless of it being slabbed. Apparently, slabbing and labeling costs extra over the $5 for one that doesn't make the Pre-screen grade.