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  1. Yes, it's stunning. Yet the man on the street would probably not be able to  "see" the difference between that 9.6 and the 9.2 that Silver posted until it was pointed out to him. And then the proverbial prudent man would gasp and shake his head when it was pointed out to him that the 9.6 fetched $thousands and thus 5x to 10x the price of the 9.2. "Sure it's a nice comic" he'd say "I might even pay $10 for it."

    I'm somewhere between a rabid comic collector and the proverbial prudent man.


  2. On 5/25/2024 at 1:41 AM, Ghost Town said:

    This website has a nice breakdown of various pedigrees and their key books.


    "Existence and Grades of Silver Age Key Books From the Major Pedigree Collections"


    Lots of good info there.

    On 5/25/2024 at 1:18 AM, adamstrange said:

    White Mountain has the best combination of quantity, quality, and keys.

    I see though that White Mountain has a pronounced lack of key DC comics. Bethlehem, Mohawk Valley, Savannah and Western Pennsylvania are all much better for those.


  3. Were I rich beyond the dreams of avarice I might have done such a thing. I'm value conscious (particularly these days) and I'm more than reluctant to shell out for "highest graded CGC copy" or the like.

    Copies that might grade 8.5 - 9.2 but don't display the kind of defects I really hate, e.g. spine and staple wear. bad miscuts/miswraps, etc. are fine with me. I'm all about a nice spine, whiteness, brightness and overall eye appeal. The nicks and colour breaking stress lines that CGC heavily penalizes don't bother me as much.


  4. Speaking of Pacific Coast copies, here are a couple:



    And best of all, they're neither Marvels or DCs!


    Incidentally, does anyone else have any pedigreed Archies, ACGs, Charltons or Silver Age funny animal comics? I have several Bethlehem Adventures of the Fly and a couple Northland Adventures of the Jaguar, but I can't remember seeing any others. I'd be particularly intrigued by pedigreed copies of the Space Adventures with Captain Atom, Gorgo, Konga and Reptilicus/Reptisaurus titles.


  5. On 5/24/2024 at 3:48 AM, Ghost Town said:

    From Worldwide Comics website:


    "The Golden State collection was amassed by a meticulous collector residing in the San Francisco area who carefully filed away his newsstand copies each month. The core of the collection ranged from the early 60s to present, but also included a very impressive run of Golden Age as well. 


    It was Dan Greenhalgh of Showcase New England who acquired the Silver Age part of the collection and started selling the books in 1997.

    Interesting! I bought quite a few Silver Age DC comics from Showcase New England around the turn of the century but I absolutely don't remember which ones.


  6. Gil Kane's artwork, particularly his drawing of human figures, evolved dramatically between the years 1963-64 and 1969-70. Here are some of his Green Lantern covers from 1963-64:




    Northland copy


    And here are some of his Green Lantern covers from 1969-70:





    In my opinion his representation of both human faces and figures declined dramatically over those five or six years. Granted the earlier covers were all inked by the old master Murphy Anderson while the latter ones were inked by Kane himself, but I believe that Kane's style had evolved in a more surrealistic direction over those years. And I much prefer his earlier artwork.