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  1. I am in agreement - I do not think it will benefit from pressing - re-holder, take your 8.0 and run ! CGC has become stricter since this grading, might get 7.5 upon re-grading
  2. are you serious - why are you filibustering on these Boards, get the books back to the people already !!!!!!
  3. Congrats!! The ASM is impressive enough, but all the other titles as well !! I also have the full ASM run up until current, but I also have a couple AF15's.....have all annuals and Giant-Sized as well, and I have all cross-overs in the silver age....also have 1-100 of FF It's fun to go thru them from time-to-time
  4. Buy what you love .... if you aren't doing this, there is no "collector" in defining you Full stop.
  5. what's all that dreg under the plastic there !! Just ruins such a nice picture ..............
  6. "We were there for the comic books, we knew a good thing early on...that comic books and art are vastly underpriced and very under appreciated that there is true real value in these timeless collectables." brilliant !
  7. Seriously, the best comments and insights I, at least, have read from you here on these boards Mr. Mehdy !
  8. in Canada, I think if over $1000, the capital gains tax is 50% of difference between sold price and purchase price, if under $1000 it's just considered zero (capital gains tax on 50% of sales price period)
  9. this has been a topic many times over on these boards forever ..... doesn't look like it will ever be corrected (like Lois Lane's first cover, Jack Burnley civer Bats 9, etc.etc.)
  10. getting rid of your under-under copies no doubt ................................... very nice books !!
  11. Let's be honest, we all a little crazy here
  12. great analogy, and i agree, but there may be a difference from selling ONE book and exiting, stage left .. than selling your whole collection. It may be easier to remove all emotion and ties when the whole collection is gone, and such an iconic collection. This guy sold ONE frickin book and now he's removed his profile !? Uh Boy !
  13. hilarious .... I am so close to this point with my patients as well , I do love some of them but others ......... my comics at serious risk as well
  14. fantastic white-pager !!!! Batmanis would predict that this is valued closer to an average 5.0 price point ..........
  15. what a fantastic looking, raw copy ! 40 years ago, what a deal I would assume compared to value today (looks like a solid 5.0 at least to me) Welcome to the Club !
  16. imagine what his whole collection looked like, all unslabbed too ....... Jeez Louise !! I cannot compare at all, but here is a few group shots of my unslabbed days:
  17. I think the answer is two-part 1) if you were sitting on such a big book(s), should have been graded a while ago 2) if you ever decide to sell such a huge book, I'm sure the big auction houses will slab it for you at no charge or a shared charge in your favor
  18. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how this "levine" collection sold as one whole collection with these huge books unslabbed ??!!!! and just a few years ago ...... any help in explaining how and why
  19. That dude had a real love of comics clearly sell, and then "Why would I come on here anymore"......... so he had like 2 SA comics only - nothing else ?, sold them, and since he has no books left, he's out? And he will stay "private" with regards to his GA books ? Weird Bye Bye